Dear Multi-Passionate, I am you

dear multi-passionate, i am you

Dear Multi-passionate.

I am you. I understand.

The joys, the thrills, the all-consuming passion, the overwhelm and despair.

Sometimes it is really hard being this person excited about 10 different things.
Which one should I pursue? Or which ones?
Should I be changing direction AGAIN? People will lose all respect for me this time.
How will I know what is right? Everyone else seems so together. I'm confused. Argh!!

Sometimes it could be good with an "off" button.

Can you relate?

Now with a job

After many years of trial and error, I have actually now found a balance where I have a part-time job that I really love - still after 2 years.

I have never been in the same job for more that 2 years, but I can see myself staying in this job, as a children's nursery teacher, for a good while yet. Maybe 3 more years ;-).
I absolutely love it.

That's quite shocking to me. A huge reason is that I only work 4 days a week. I have 1 full day every week where I get to be alone and create. This is how I can give my all the other 4 days.

But where I am struggling with my many passions is with my business. My online creative world.

This world is where I create, I express, I am free, I communicate with people from everywhere, I am not restricted by country borders or language, I have as much of a change as the next person and it's like a sweet shop for "multi-passionism" (yes, that's a word in my world)

This is where it gets clouded in my brain.

I'm a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and creativity workshop leader and I really connect with multi-passionates.
Also, I'm passionate about changing the education paradigm and a huge fan of Ken Robinson. I work in a children's nursery and have 3 kids of my own, and teaching children is all about the kaizen method of small steps.  So that's also something I could write about.
I'm a sensitive person, and I truly believe, that unless we learn how to get to know our feelings and communicate them in an honest way, all other areas of our lives will suffer.

No amount of "How-to" programs will give you the result you want if you don't know yourself and your emotional life. Because we're all different.

All these interests are linked somehow. But I'm having trouble seeing it.
It's too clouded now. If only those clouds would disappear

Being multi-passionate is cyclical

One of the things that still surprises me about being multi-passionate is how cyclical it is.
(I actually know why this is - read this post)

There are times when I am pretty clear about my direction, my passions, my aim, and goal:
I have it sorted!

Then, seemingly out of the blue, a massive wave of chaos, confusion, doubt and overwhelm hits me.

What am I meant to be doing? Where can I see this going?

I have learned about the creative process. I know what to expect. And I know that this feeling too will pass.

There is learning at every stage though. Perhaps my learning here is to reach out. This is not my strongest side.

Being coached helps me hugely.

Coaching isn't for everyone, but I tell you, without my coaching "buddies", this stage in my process would be a lot more painful.

Whatever stage in your creative process you're in, don't be alone. You don't have to be.

If and when that moment of audacity comes over you and you reach out, I hope you use it.

I just wanted to let you know, that I'm here if needed.