Why Deciding Is An Important Future Skill

deciding is an important future skill

Deciding is an important future skill because technology makes near enough everything available to us. 

And that is great, and at the same time totally overwhelming.

So being able to make a decision, saying yes to something and no to something else, is necessary if we're not to live our lives running around like headless chickens. 

Especially living with FOMO (the fear of missing out) and being good at saying no is essential to navigate the masses of information we have avalable.

The more you learn the more you realize there is to learn. This realization can be overwhelming but less so if you learn for your own interest.

I get overwhelmed by my interests (I'm multi-passionate). So I try and learn, then consume (watch English or Swedish crime telly). And take naps. 

It's learn - sleep - consume - create - learn - consume.

Build your "no-muscle" and the "navigate-muscle"

The best way to build the "no"-muscle and the "navigate"-muscle, in my opinion, is to do your own creative work.

As little as 10 minutes once or twice a week will do so, so much for you.

This little time spent on yourself is the work your soul is longing for - even if you're not aware of it. 

What creative work you do is not important, what comes out at the end is not important either. 

But doing work that gives you seconds of joy. Small seconds of feeling something. They won't be there all the time these moments. Far from it. But the small moments of something that resembles joy, which often lasts just seconds, is "muscle" training, the meeting with yourself, the making-sense-of-the-world moments that are better than any screen watching. Any YouTube video and any medicine.

Most people don't do work for a living that speaks to their soul and fills them with joy. I'm willing to put a dollar on that. 

Making money from your craft is rare and even if you are able to do this, everything becomes a job if you have to do it every day.

So don't worry about it. Don't worry about dong work for others or being the best. Because you're not. There will always be someone better than you. And that's great.

Listen, I'm a recovering perfectionist, so I know about always striving to be the best and working extremely hard. It's something I always have to watch.

But I have learned the unbelievable freedomand joy from doing creative work (mainly writing) and that is so good for me.

Writing has become the way I make sense of the world. 

That's what doing creative work can do for you.

Why deciding is an important future skill

Just writing this blog post has taken me days. I have scheuled that I have to write a post. And so the process begins.

What to write about? What should the title be? Then the writing? 

But I don't write this in one sitting. Heck no! 

I should count the number of times I leave this chair and come back to write some more. It would shock you. 

So I decided to write a blog post but staying in my chair (and not check my telephone 50 times) is clearly something I have to work on.

Deciding to finish something you started. Deciding to learn that thing you secretely want to learn, and deciding to take that scary step out of your lovely comfort zone. 

The reason deciding is an important future skill is because otherwise we will be come overwhelmed

The reason deciding is an important future skill is because otherwise we will be come overwhelmed

You need to do a huge amount of work before you get good. 

I think of Eric Clapton who practiced playing the guitar every day for so many years and look how good he became.

He couldn't play like that to begin with. 

Switching off all the devices that want our attention 24/7 and focusing on getting good at 1 thing is becoming rarer.

That's the prediction. Switching off requires a decision.

That's why deciding is an important future skill.