Do you speak up when you feel things are not ok?


To start with I'll say this:

I know it's recommended never to write a blog post when you're upset. To wait until calm and sleep on it a few days.

Well, I'm not doing that. I'm upset!

"We think as we do, because we feel as we do"  - Sir Ken Robinson

Thank you, Sir Ken.

I'm finding myself in two situations that pi..... me off no end - and I want to speak up.

One is related to my kids' school and one of my children, and us parents know, that mess with our kids and you'll be sorry.
The lion in me ROARS.

The other has to do with the place we live - something has been broken for a long time which the Caretaker has to take care of and hasn't. It may sound small to you, but it is a huge inconvenience to us living here, not least the cancer stricken family on the second floor. It's been going on for too long and it has to be fixed now. Simple as that.

Both situations have been going on for a while and I feel I have been patient, reasonable, polite, tried looking from the other perspective, looked inwards, as in how could I have, if at all, contributed to this situation?

But my line has been crossed. It's enough now.

So I am charging into the trenches. I'm reacting and acting.

And it both thrills me and scares the bejeezus out of me.

And here's the thing; when the shit hits the fan, I find I always stand alone when I take action against authorities (bosses, teachers and others "in charge"). Everyone else seems to back down.

This has landed me in trouble more than once so I'm sort of getting used to it. But why is that?

Situation 1:

Last week I reacted to my oldest childs' teachers and strongly disagreed with their actions and choice of words, which resulted in us being called to a meeting with the Deputy Headteacher. Well, I didn't back down.

We didn't feel heard, we felt patronized. So I continued to communicate our case. This time just to the Deputy. And this time I was heard. And he is in a position to do something about it. This is an ongoing issue but a new foundation has been laid. I'm happy with that.

Situation 2:

I went down this morning to the Caretakers office and put my opinion forward - in a really forceful but quite charming way.

The Deputy Caretaker was there and I insisted he got on the phone to someone "higher up" there and then (I may have been heard in the background ;-)) and something is being done now. Today. I'm happy with that.


First of all it matters. It matters to speak up for yourself and your loved ones. It matters to question what "authorities" say is right. They are only people too. They may actually be wrong. However well meaning they are.

As long as it's done in a decent way.

Second, use the energy you have when you get mad. It may be what pushes you to do something, to make a change for the better.