Does Law of Attraction work for Multi-Passionates?

does the law of attraction work for multi-passionates?

A young man wrote to me and asked recently:

"What could be the best way to use The Law of Attraction for Renaissance souls?

He wrote:

"Law of attraction says whatever we focus on expands. If we want to be something we should visualize us doing that. But for me, there is never a single focus. So what is the best way to use Law of attraction for Renaissance Souls?"

That is such a great question.

The whole focus-issue is a challenge in today's world - not just for creative/renaissance souls

Here's what I think:

The Law of Attraction works for multi-passionates the same way it works for anyone else.

What you focus on is what you attract.

As it's about the journey of learning for us renaissance souls, use LOA to focus on the journey instead of a particular job title.

For example:

You want to write a book.

Instead of visualizing yourself as a writer, you can visualize yourself sitting down and writing in your favorite spot for 15 minutes every day (small steps will get you the best results). With your favorite cup of coffee or tea, listening to your favorite song, or whatever the scenario might be for you.

This is more helpful because:

a/ A book won't write itself! No matter how much you use LOA

b/ It's important to enjoy the process if you want to get it done.

Another great way to practice using the Law of Attraction is to be grateful, kind and confident. Or bringing fabulous people into your life.

And anyway, you don't always need to visualize/manifest something for years for it to come true.

Have you seen the article about the guy who changed his password and changed his life?

We can all do that.

I keep having this vision of myself living in a big old house in the South of France somewhere, where I write, read and run my coaching practice. And there are flowers.

That's it. It's not more specific than that. I don't know when or where or whether the family is with me. It's just a scenario that keeps popping up.

Am I attracting it? I hope so.

Seeing as the Law of Attraction works, whether you believe it does or not, you might as well focus on the positive in your life. Just in case...... ;-)