Doing what you love is an obligation


I read this quote in Barbara Sher's book "Refuse to Choose":

"Doing what you love isn't a privilege, it's an obligation"

I think she's right.

You have an obligation to yourself first.

But you also have an obligation to live the best life you can and love every day to inspire the people around you.

As I'm writing this, it seems crazy doing something you don't love. Right?

But what if you don't know what you love doing?

This is where the real challenge is, in my experience.

I know this from my life.

The times when I have known exactly what I wanted, I've been like a steam train. I don't stop until I reach my goal. And as I remember it, I always have.

But when I don't have a clear vision, I get nowhere fast.

That doesn't always have to be a bad thing, mind you.
There can be lots of learning in being on the multi passionate merry-go-round

How do you find out what you love doing?

You dig deep into yourself and don't stop until you have worked it out.

Maybe you now think "I can't be bothered with that" but if you don't make a conscious effort to find out, how will you know?

You might have to try different things, look online, ask people you know for clues.

I find looking back to when I was young or even a child hold some clues.

What you love doing might change as well.

This is your passionate life we're talking about. It's fun and happy days.

It's laughter and smiles.

It's love and authenticity.

It's excitement and passion.

It's all the good stuff :-)

It's a simple question to ask yourself but such a difficult one:

What do you love doing?

We know we love being with our kids and friends, going on holidays, having fun but if you had to say something you love doing that you can do for a living, could you?

Like, I really love to _____________________ and ________________________

Ok, I'll go first:

I love writing

I love learning about the mind and our emotions, and how I can improve me

I love sharing my experience being a creative multi-passionate with other creative women + inspire them

I love baking

I love being with the little kids in the nursery where I work part time

I love influencing people

Now it's your turn:

You don't have to tell anyone publicly.

It's for you to know.

Think about it.

Write it down.

Read it out loud to yourself.

Then go find a way of doing it!