Don't give up ....lessons from Donald Duck


Don't give up.

You might get mad and scream and shout like Donald when things don't go your way, but you don't give up.




  • Don't give up if you're trying to start a business that can help people but you don't feel you know anything about running a business

  • please don't give up if you're trying to write a book and you don't know anything about how to get the thing published.

  • don't give up if you're working on a relationship you feel is worth saving and there doesn't seem to be any progress

  • don't give up if you're trying to make social connections and you feel unsure of yourself and what you have to offer.

  • and don't give up if you're unsure about the direction your taking with your business. You are gaining important experience by trying.

  • don't give up because other people are bragging on Facebook about how many sales they have had.

Just don't give up.

Back to good ol' Donald.

The reason we love him so much is that he never gives up. He is always knocked down but he always gets back up. He's a trooper.

To your persistence