You Don't Like Being Multi-Passionate! - Get 4 Tips to Help


It's not always fun being different from other people.

It can be lonely.

Not being understood is one of the hardest things to deal with.

If you think of a young toddler trying to communicate before she can talk, and the temper tantrum that can cause.

As we get older, we don't throw temper tantrums (unless you are President) we keep our feelings of hurt and frustration mostly inside.

Maybe you are fed up with always being confused and not knowing what to do, or how to do it.

Maybe you don't want to be dealing with all the information that comes with your different interests and passions.

And how about this constant worry hanging over your head, about whether you are ever going to stay in a job you like, let alone make any decent money?

OMG, I can so relate.

As I'm writing this, I'm 45 years old. And I have had a fantastic life so far, but it isn't until about 8-9 years ago, I started to get closer to the core of me and really, it's only just now the puzzles that are ME are coming together.

If I'm truly honest.

It's an ongoing journey, of course, that only stops when I am no longer here. But I think the acceptance of how I am, and the confidence that comes with that acceptance means, I no longer feel I have to explain anything to anyone anymore.

You know what I mean?

Here are 4 tips to help you, if you don't like being multi-passionate

  1. Realize that everybody has challenges in their lives.

This is Kristen Neff calls "common humanity" in self-compassion.
It means that having problems and challenges is part of the human experience. It is not just something that happens to you.

We, creatives and multi-passionate people, often think we are the only ones who feel the way we do. Because we usually are, in our family, or in our class.

So maybe being a confused multi-passionate is one of your challenges in life. It doesn't make the confusion, or whatever it is, go away but knowing that we all struggle with something, will hopefully make you feel less alone.

2. Reach out for help.

This is another way to get out of feeling alone and frustrated.

I am not very good at reaching out to people I don't know, but I have on a few occasions, and I can't tell you what a difference it has made to my life.

Not just help and understanding, but real friendships have come of me reaching out for help, and just even reaching out to say hi to someone I thought could relate to me.

Try and look for creative women. Where do they hang out?

And look out for other women with multi passions. Where do they hang out?

I can tell you where some of them hang! :-)

Talking to people who totally gets you, is so freeing and wonderful. And there are LOADS of us multi-passionates around. You just gotta look.

3. Look for strengths 

Marcus Buckingham's book: "Now, discover your strength" has a code to a strengthfinder test.

Another test I have found to be really interesting is the Myers-Briggs test.

I'm an INFJ through and through.

If tests are not your thing, you can try and write down 30 things you like about yourself.

30 is a lot, but do try it.

Anything from "I like my feet" to "I have a nice way to wake my kids up in the morning".

We call it a "credit list" in my coaching.

Our brain is wired to the negative stuff is absorbed much easier than the positive stuff.

It's the same for every human. That's why we need to give the positive stuff a little help, to get to the limelight, so to speak.

4. Practice Self-kindness

Oh, this is so important.

In my experience, we multi-passionates have a particularly loud negative voice in our heads. It comes from being different, and not wanting the same thing others want.

Being kind to yourself about who you are, is key.

You can't be anyone else. You are unique, no matter how ordinary you think you are :-)

What you can try, is to write a really lovely letter to yourself.

"Dear .......
I know you find it hard at times, but I also know you're doing the best you can..........

Being kind to yourself is so important.

I have written a small note that I say to myself, when I feel I need some kindness, and when I catch myself thinking negative things about myself. (Which is many times a day)

It works.

There you have it!

I hope these nice tips will help you see, that you are good enough, just the way you are.

You are not alone in finding it difficult to be someone with a busy brain.

And that's ok. We are many in the same boat.

Don't be afraid to reach out. :-)