How to educate a multipassionate

educate a multi-passionate

I get asked how to educate a multipassionate by young creative folks.

So I'm exited about this discovery,  because I know it's one of the big challenges for multipassionates.

Including myself. I don't have any formal education.
What interested me, I couldn't study and what I could study, I didn't want to 'become'.
So I'm educated in the 'school of life' which has been great for me. But it might not be for you.

Maybe you've also asked yourself  these questions:

How do I get an education when I know I could never study one thing for 4 years? (or 2 or 3)

How do I choose an education when I'm equally interested in many subjects?

What do I do if having to choose between my passions makes me not study at all?

Well, listen to this: could be your solution. is a website where you can study online from the world's top Universities for FREE.

Yes, you read that right.

You can go to Yale, Princeton and/or Harvard from your home and get a Diploma for free.

This is quite new.

One of the philosophies behind Coursera is that education should be available to all, not just those who can pay for it.

If you're sceptical about how this online education works, watch this TED Talk with one of the founders of Coursera. She explains it brilliantly and shares some interesting facts.

Here's her TED Talk

Isn't it fantastic?

Online education is here to stay.

I love the idea that education is free and available to all. That will create a different balance in the world.
A super interesting future.

I'm not saying is the answer for everyone, just that it could be a great solution for many.

My hubby has joined the Guitar course and I'm interested in the public speaking course that starts in March next year.

It opens up great new possibilities.

For free, girl. Check it out.