How To Embrace Your Passions Without Going Crazy

embrace you passions

How to embrace your passions without going crazy is, for me personally and for other multi-passionate women I've spoken to, the hardest thing about being multi-passionate. You are consistently torn in so many directions, that it feels like you walk around in a thick fog alone, while everyone else is walking in the bright sunshine, able to see the path, clearly before them.

And then it's the feeling of not being seen for who you are. And not being understood.

Not being understood, leads to disconnection. Disconnection leads to isolation. And isolation can have devastating results.

So we try and conform.

And fit in.

And stick to one thing.

But it doesn't work.

We become miserable and change direction/job again.

How you embrace your passions without going crazy is embracing you.

Without a doubt.

The whole of you, as you are today.

If you are looking for a quick fix, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

But worry not, my friend.

I have some ways you can practice embracing the wonderful complex person you are.

It will take some work on your part. But it's the best work you'll ever do.

Self-love is a conduit for flowing creative expression
— Jill Badonsky

For these 4 exercises,  you'll need to get pen paper out, ok?


How to embrace your passions - step 1

What you've got to do, is celebrate the fact that you have a highly complicated and creative brain.

Yes, celebrate!

Self-care and self-compassion are highly undervalued as being important for our well-being. And a job, business, and personal success.

(If you are looking for a "secret", or a missing link, this is it)

How to embrace your passions - step 2

Write as many things you're good at in 1 minutes. Set the timer.


(You can do 1 minute)

How to embrace your passions - step 3

Write for 1 minute as many things that piss you off in the world.

1 minute


How to embrace your passions - step 4

Pick 3 core values from the following list. Feel free to add your own.

Ok, we're multi-passionates, pick 5 :-)

Adventure, Beauty, Challenge, Collaboration, Community, Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Decency, Environment, Equality, Fairness, Family, Freedom, Fun, Gratitude, Harmony, Health, Helping Others, Honesty, Humor, Independence, Integrity, Joy, Lifelong Learning, Love, Meaningful Work, Personal Growth, Positive Influence, Problem Solving, Reliability, Self.Care, Simplicity, Strength, Trust, Wisdom.

(Credit: Kelly McGonigal)

Now, after you've picked your core values, pick one that matters a lot to you, and write about it for 10-15 minutes.

Describe why this value is important to you, and how you can use this value to guide you and support you in a difficult situation.

Let's recap how to embrace your passions without going crazy

  1. Celebrate your multi-passionate complex brain. Thank it. Seriously, write a gratitude note repeatedly.

  2. Write down your strengths.

  3. Articulate what pisses you off in the world.

  4. Pick your 3-5 core values and articulate why to (at least) one of them.

You do these things, and you will know yourself better than most people know themselves.

Because most people don't do this work.

But you do.

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How you embrace your passions without going crazy, is working on embracing the person you are.

It's not important whether you have 3 passions or 20 passions.

What's important is what fires you up.

And what pisses you off.

Focus on how good you are, and how much good you do already.

It'll make you go from crazy to grateful.