Number 1 enemy of a multi-passionate woman

number 1 enemy of a multi-passionate woman.png

I've been doing some diggin'.

I talk to women with many passions and in my opinion, the no 1. enemy of a multi-passionate woman, is herself.

Here's what I mean:

We measure ourselves against other non-multipassionate people.

That's not their fault. That's our own fault.

My own enemy:

Sometimes I have felt like I was fighting the world.

Not so much anymore but certainly when I was younger.

I was in a constant state of hurry because I had to somehow figure out how to get ahead like my peers.

But in reality, I actually didn't want what they had and I definitely didn't want to do what they did.

So why the guilt, the hurry, the feeling of not being good enough, clever enough?

I've never been accused of being stupid. Because I'm not, of course. So why did I waste time thinking I wasn't somehow as clever as someone with an education?

I've been my own worst enemy.

We need to change our communication.

Our communication to ourselves and our communication to others.

A true story:

I have been in several work and social situations with highly educated people who didn't have a clue. Really! Not-a-clue.

And it's shocked me every time.

I've been slow to let sink in, that having a formal education, does NOT make you the best worker, does NOT make you the most successful business owner, does NOT make you a nice person, does NOT make you the most clever and does NOT mean you make the most money.

I've always known this to be true in my heart, even as a teenager but I kept it to myself as I didn't have a lot of proof.

Now I do.

In my own experience but also through people like Sir Ken Robinson, Daniel Pink and Daniel Goleman.

Here's what you can do:

Change the way you communicate.

Use different words to describe yourself.

Use different words to describe what you do.

I'll use myself as example:

Someone asks me:

What do you do?

My answer:

I am a woman with many interests, among them personalized education and running authentic sustainable businesses. That's why I work in a children's nursery and I write about personalized multipassionate life and business on my blog.

As well as that, I am on the school board of my children's school where I also get to influence how we educate our children for the future.

That's sounds a bit better than if I'd said:

I'm just a nursery teacher in a children's nursery.

Both versions are true but the first one explains more in detail why I do what I do.

In other words, I don't sell myself short.

And neither should you.

How we communicate is so important and it's something we can all learn.

It just takes a little practice.