Fun and Play will keep the doctor away


We need to lighten up and have some creative fun.

Omg! It gets so serious in this online space. All this "you must do this hack to be successful, and only do things that move you closer to your goal"

What's happened to do something just for fun? For no other reason than it makes you smile? Or relax?

That is in fact, the best reason to do anything  :-)

It relaxes us, it lowers our stress levels. And having fun makes you prettier!

Fun and Play as a creative strategy

Creating is considered by the brain to be dangerous and that's why it activates fear.  Creativity is making something new that adds some kind of value.

When we create, we enter into unchartered territory. And so we have to deal with fear. Which is the simple reason so many of us don't create.

But using fun and play as a creative strategy is, besides being more joyful, clever because it relaxes the fear reaction.

If it's only for fun, there's nothing to be scared about. And that hugely increases the chance of creating something. Maybe even finishing a project.

Ok, so here's some play I want you to do:

Draw a picture with your left hand (or the opposite hand you usually draw with)

It'll take you 5 minutes.

Look around the room you're in, pick something and draw it with your "wrong" hand and then throw it away.

Just because...... it's good for you.

There's freedom in getting permission to do something badly on purpose. Creativity feeds off freedom.

Fun and play and laughter is good for us. It's good for our health. We literally become more energized when we have fun.

There are many studies done on the health benefits of laughter and fun, I won't go into that here.

I'll just leave you with this little story from Daniel H. Pink's book "A Whole New Mind":

Laughter has aerobics benefits. It activates the cardiovascular system, increases the heart rate, and pumps more blood to internal organs.
— Daniel Pink

Laugh researcher William Fry "found that it took 10 minutes of rowing on his home exercise machine to reach the heart rate produces by one minute of hearty laughter"

I ask you: what do you prefer, 10 minutes exercising or a good laugh?