3 ways to gain clarity in the masses of information


I don't think we realize how much information we consume on an average day. Every day.

The masses and masses of information at work, school, telly, computer, blogs, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, billboards, newspapers (remember them?) etc etc......

The kind of clarity I'm talking about here is the kind where you are clear on your direction in life or clear on a goal you want to reach.

How do we gain clarity in our purpose and mission through this enormous amount of information?

1. Say no!

The simple answer is to turn off the noise.

Say no to more..

Less is best. Less is simple.

Put the phone down! Don't check your social media every 5 minutes. Don't take pictures of your life. Live it!

I'm no angel here, I get drawn to my phone as well. But it's a habit, not actually necessary.

We deserve better input. So say no to noise and rubbish input.

2. Make a decision.

I believe clarity is a conscious choice. If you want to be clear on what you want to do or where you want to live or be, you have to make a decision about it.

That doesn't necessarily mean you get clear straight away but it has to start there.

3. Try it on for size

"Action leads to clarity"

This is one of these annoying sayings that's thrown around all the time. In the online world anyway.

But I have to say I have found this one to be true.

Trying something is a step towards finding out whether you like it or not. Whether it works or not. Even if you don't know exactly what you want or where to start.

I call it "the multipassionate merry-go-round"  and giving yourself permission to jump on that ride can definitely lead to clarity.

After thought.....

The deal is to get smarter at curating information. To sort through it.

And it's not all rubbish information we have to sort through.

There won't be created less information. I think that's safe to say.

So if we're not to drown in the massive ocean of information or get ill with stress, then we'll have to find a way to deal with it and sort through it.

Being multi-passionate I get distracted by the new ideas and new inventions I get from letting myself be open to a lot of information.

That's not just a bad thing, but my challenge is to finish what I am doing.

It's simply not possible to be everywhere and be everything to everybody.

We're gonna have to learn how to say no to more noise.

I know this ain't rocket science but how many of us are really taking it seriously?

I for one have a bit of work to do on this subject!