1 Powerful way to get clarity as multipassionate (requires patience)

1 way to get clarity as multi-passionate

How to get clarity as multipassionate is one of the biggest challenges for me personally, and for all other creative multi-passionate people I know.

There are different ways to get clarity, using the opposite-test is another way.

Because if you are a creative person with multi ideas and passions then you might also have your ideas, knowledge, and notes written down in notebooks. A lot of notebooks.

Omg, I'm addicted to buying notebooks. And I love organizing my ideas, thoughts, and research in my notebooks.

As much as I'd love to have an office/studio where I can spread my books, notes, paint and painting all over the place, we just don't have the extra space for that.

So I have to be fairly organized.

This being the holiday season I thought I'd tackle my creative/blogging/business situation.

The multipassionates struggle: too many ideas

If you too are multi-passionate, you'll know this:

The many ideas and projects "syndrome"!

I write my ideas and projects down, and I recommend other creative multi-passionate do the same.

But at some point, all this stuff needs clearing up and perhaps clearing out.

Otherwise, instead of your notes being a help to get clarity, they become overwhelming and clutter.

This, I find, is one of the complexities of the creative mind. The curly, busy, fast and creative mind with a need for exploring, while at the same time having a need for structure and order.

1 powerful way to get clarity as multipassionate (requires patience)

Every time you get new ideas for projects, collaborations, jobs, career change, innovations, shops, and all other ideas, write them down in notebooks.

This is an ongoing process. Maybe for the rest of your life.

Then once in a while, go through all the notes and sort through them.

What you might find is:

  1. That you see common themes in all of your different notes.

  2. That some of your ideas can be tossed out.

  3. But also that something you wanted to create 3 years ago still excites you, but you have been distracted and unfocused to do something about it.

This will give you a lot of clarity. Or at least more clarity than you had.

This approach to your life, your purpose, and your unique desires and interests is a way of respecting yourself.

We evolve constantly (hopefully) and so taking stock once in a while, pausing, is the healthy and kind way to respect yourself.

And honestly, I don't know many people who do this.

It requires patience and some courage, but it's a really powerful way to get clarity as multipassionate, for anyone actually.