Hot summer wishes


Ok, I know this is a luxury problem, but I'm getting the weather blues.

This has been the wettest and coldest summer in Denmark in a long time and as I'm now on holiday from work, something has to be done.

I work my rather big buns off all year, is a little sunshine too much to wish for? I think not!

If global warming is the reason for this "Autumn" summer, I can do my bit by buying organic, recycle, save electricity, and more - and we do all of that (not enough, I know, but we are trying).

I'm having hot summer wishes.

But wait!

We might be off again. Perhaps Italy this time.

Even if breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next few months will consist of porridge.

Something will have to be done!

I'm sending you hot summer wishes too. May you have a terrific time.