How do you move on from heartbreak?

how do you move on from heartbreak?

My youngest son Casper had to say goodbye to his 2 main teachers this week. And he is heartbroken.

He is 11 years old and just finished year 5 here in Denmark.

In my experience with teacher/student relationships, what Casper and his entire class are going through is highly unusual.

But these two teachers are not ordinary. They have been going far and beyond what other teachers do. They have literally been surrogate parents to our kids.

We had a farewell do on Wednesday and there were songs made about them, and speeches and gifts. Many of us were crying, including the teachers.

I don't know what Primary and Secondary school is like where you live, but let me tell you, this sort of farewell fanfare is NOT normal where we live.

How do you move on from heartbreak?

We are dealing with Casper's heartbreak this way:

  1. He is allowed to feel how he is feeling, and cry as much as he needs to

  2. Talk about how he is feeling, with us and with his friends.

  3. Be with his friends. All the boys in his class met for a "gaming party".

  4. Allow time to heal.

  5. And then we have spoken about some of the wonderful memories he has in his heart

Obviously, I know there are different kinds of heartbreak. But this 11-year-old boy is feeling it. He will be ok, of course. I do think it can have significance to his future how he is met in his emotions now. He has got bigger heartaches to experience in his life and he'll be able to feel through them too.

I have had my heart broken a couple of times too. Not many people get to my age without their share of heartache. How I move on from heartbreak has always been to feel it, do inner work and move on.

Now, my best coping mechanism is to write. In my journal and on this blog.

Whether you are good at expressing your emotions and feeling or terrible at it, practicing expressing yourself through a creative act is a really good way to deal with what's going on, and sometimes even to make sense of it all.

How do you move on from heartbreak?