How happy are you? (Purpose is linked to happiness)


How happy are you? he asks. Sir Ken Robinson

...In his brilliant book "Finding your Element" which I'm reading.

Alright, Sir Ken. I'm up for the challenge.... 

What is Happiness?

"Having a purpose in life is the wellspring of sustained happiness" he writes.

And Sonja Lyubomirsky says:

"Happiness is the experience of joy, contentment, and well-being combined with a sense that life is good and worthwhile"

Ok then.

Am I happy?

I definitely think life is good and worthwhile but I don't go around bursting into song every day.
Often, but not every day ;-)

It's hard work
Working on myself.
And working to make money.
Doing my best not to mess my kids up completely.
And dividing my time between my job, my kids, my husband and myself and my writing.
Learning from mistakes and being kind all the time.
And trying to avoid the house is a complete mess.
It's a lot of work.

It's work and it's routine and it's autopilot and it's getting through the day as smoothly as possible.

Happy? Yeah, I am happy in moments. Moments that come and go.

But most of the time I am in a state of frustration, confusion, doubt, grumpiness, and worry-ness (if that's a word)

Basically I am a normal mum of 3 kids with a busy life but still insisting on a little me time.

I am happy in moments.

I am happy when the children at work gives me cuddles as only toddlers can, and I know that I give them comfort while they are away from their mum and dad.

And I am happy when my own kids are happy with themselves. When they do funny and amazing things and I'm reminded what wonderful little people they are.

When my kids tell me they love me - out of the blue. Those are happy moments.

I am happy when I manage to get the thought I have in my head transported to the written word in the exact way I intended.

And I am happy when I can inspire another woman to feel good about herself.

When I am with people I like and love.

I am happy when I am in inspiring new surroundings, usually on holidays.

.... and I am happy in many, many more moments.

The (happy) conclusion:

Being happy is something you have to gain from the inside out - not the outside in. This I know for sure.

It's a spiritual state.

Research shows that our biology can account for up to 50% of how happy we are at any given time. You know how some are naturally happy while others have a more "heavy" outlook on life?

Which means that whatever your biological inheritance on happiness is, you have a massive say in deciding how happy you want to be, by choosing to feed yourself thoughts and feelings that give you as many happy moments as possible.

Long-term and sustainable happiness is a decision we have to actively make and commit to.

I think that's quite good news, really. Don't you?

How happy are you?