How To Be A Creative Company

Creativity is the capital of the future, companies are trying to catch in on this currency.

However, the problem is you can't just say you want to be a creative company. Which is difficult to understand, since we have learned that we are all creative.

So why can't we just be more creative, and be done with it?

Uh, this is a favorite topic of mine. Are you ready as I get on my "Speakers Corner box"?

Because creativity is not about instant gratification, and meeting target goals.

(Doing a bit of shouting here)

Ok here we go, to be a creative company, you must have a culture where you don't bitch and back stab. So right there, we can probably rule out 98% of all companies.

To be a creative company you also need to have a culture where you focus on making mistakes, and being vulnerable and having hard conversations.

Did that just rule out the last 2%?

I read somewhere that companies are now hiring people who graduate from art schools and not business schools.

That's all well and good, but if you get these "creative" people in your door and the company is full of bad energy, bossy people, backstabbing and bosses who might be in charge but are no leaders, then I can't see creativity flourish.

I might be wrong, and I hope I am.

How to be a creative company

Of course there are great companies with bosses who are also leaders, who understand that people ARE the business, that won't tolerate a culture of "I'm better than you", and will help the people along who needs that push.

  1. Understand that every employee is creative, but that most people don't use their "creative muscle", so it'll take practice and patience to build it up.

  2. Change your culture to one that is vulnerable, honest and strength-based (this is easily intended, but HARD to implement. Some people will be pissed)

  3. Make sure every employee is cared for, listened to and learns to listen to others.

  4. Focus all work on the process - not the goal. (Also a shift in mindset for most companies, I would guess)

  5. Play around with ideas, use color when possible, and use humor every day.

If companies do these 5 things, they will for sure be more creative than before. No question.

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How to be a creative company.