How to be friends with a multi-passionate.


Let me paint you a picture:

Your friend's multi-passionate.

And she's got a brilliant idea that she says will be the next big thing.

She passionately tells you about the idea and you buy it.

Then she goes all in and it goes swimmingly well until she loses interest and drops it like it hot!


She gets another brilliant idea and this time it's definitely going to be the next big thing.

She passionately tells you about the idea and you buy this one too.

And she goes all in and all goes swimmingly until she loses interest and drops it like it's hot!


She gets another brilliant idea........ now you begin to see a pattern and start thinking "yeah, yeah, I have heard this before"

What do you say to her the 3rd, 4th.... time she has a new idea?

You give her a blod.. standing ovation for being innovative and brave. That's what you do!

What you don't do, is get caught up in the judgemental voice in your head that says she's delusional.


Here's how to be friends with a Multi-Passionate:

  • Know that she is exactly how she is meant to be

  • Know that she is on a journey of trying things out.

  • And also know that she drops her idea when she has gotten her reward - even if you don't understand what that reward is.

  • Support her even if you think she's bonkers - remember she is used to being misunderstood and could really do with a friend who doesn't judge.

  • Respect her for being brave.

  • Have faith in her - she will find her way and you'll be glad you helped her get there.

  • Ask her questions about her plans and offer your help. (it will make her think)

  • If you see any information related to her new adventure - give it to her.


I get it! I do.

Sometimes (or often) we don't understand ourselves so it must be hard for you as a friend to understand us.

And sometimes friends just grow apart. We've all tried that.

Just don't lose a good and fun friend just because you don't understand her personality type.

That would be a shame, don't you think?

I hope you can use my advice :)