How to create a great newsletter for your blog?

How to create a great newsletter for your blog

I have had this blog around 3 years now. Before then, I had a webshop where I sold vintage clothes.

The importance of an email list became very clear right off the bat.

It's a great way to communicate with people and ultimately let people know that you have something for sale.

And it's a way of communicating that you can control. On social media, you don't know who sees your posts and updates. They change their algorithms so often, it's hard to keep up.

But your newsletter is yours, and the people who sign up for it, do it because they are somewhat interested in what you represent to them.

They think you can give them something. Whether it's a free product or some helpful information. Just something they need to make their life better, easier, more fun, educating, interesting.

They are chasing a good feeling when they sign up for your newsletter.

This took me a while to figure out. That my newsletter is not about me, but about how I can make someone feel.

That's a subtle difference.

Oh, I did it all wrong!

For the longest time, I couldn't get my head around what to write in the darn thing. It seemed sort of fake to me; writing to people you don't know. And to several people all at once.

It's a very strange and kind of unnatural situation.

So I've sent terrible newsletters. Completely boring, uninteresting newsletters, with nothing of slight interest to say. What-so-ever.

And my newsletters have changed looks about a million times.

But that's all part of learning, isn't it? No one gets it right the first time.

And it's not about perfection, but about honest and real communication.

How to create a great newsletter for your blog

Do you know

It's a wonderful site where you can take all kinds of courses. At a very reasonable price.

Abby Glassenberg of has a course called Email Marketing for Crafters.

I did this course, and even though I have read a lot about email lists and done b-school by Marie Forleo and other courses and workshops, there was something about how Abby was teaching "live" and her down to earth way of talking, that meant I understood things I hadn't understood before.

Abby talks about why having a newsletter is important for a creative business, and she shows examples of some newsletters she subscribes to.

Some of the things she talks about are:

  • Why does email work

  • The software is the solution

  • Her own newsletter story

  • Identify your why (my favorite - have watched this video many times)

  • Templates and Branding

  • Case studies of other newsletters

...and so much more....

Since taking Abby's course - which I just finished 2 days ago when writing this - I have begun to re-designed my newsletter, I have worked through my WHY for this blog and the products I want to sell.

I have created new Header graphics for both email and this blog.

If you want to see how cool my new newsletter is becoming - with creative inspiration and quotes included, make sure you sign up here

You can let me know if you think my newsletter is worth opening :-D

If you want to learn how to create a great newsletter for your blog and/or business, then I highly recommend Abby Glassenberg's course on