How to get clarity (by using the opposite-test)

How to get clarity by using the opposite test

There's one quick, but effective way on how to get clarity over your life.

Use the opposite-test.

Clarity often comes from contrast.

Here's how to get clarity by using the opposite-test

Let's say you're fed up with your job, and you want to pack it in to pursue your dream of being able to create all day and make a living from your work.

Take a look at my state-of-of-the-art drawing :-)


You get the idea.

The point is to write the facts of both sides, which will give you a visual of both sides of the coin.

This will make it easier to get a realistic and clear idea of the decision you want to make.

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Other examples of things to use the opposite-test on could be:

The job you have now

Being a business owner

Moving to another place

Being with the person(s) you're with now

If this way of how to get clarity doesn't work for you, I have written another post where I suggest 3 things to do to gain clarity in the masses of information we are bombarded with today. You can read that post here

One of the biggest challenges in this technology age is sorting through the amount of information we receive, and seek out.

The masses and masses of sensory input through images alone is enough to drive someone to drink. But we can#t let it.

So we have to find a way to sort through the masses and get clear on what's important to us, and not let us be distracted by the bombardment.

I'm multi-passionate so keeping focused is a challenge for me. My brain is trained to go off in all directions. This is when the opposite-test is useful.

It stops it going too far a rabbit hole, at least until I have checked out the realities.