5 tips to organize your projects if you're Multi-passionate

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I got asked by a peep to write about this subject - how to organize all your projects -  (thanks Mette) and it's a big one for multi-passionates.

To be drowning in ideas, bits of paper, articles from mags and newspapers and new thoughts every second (or so it feels) can leave you so confused and overwhelmed, you don't see clear and therefore don't get stuff done.

How to organize what goes on in your brain?

Well, simplicity is what I'm aiming for, it leaves peace in my mind.

So here are a few tips that hopefully will help you too:

5 tips on how to organize projects for multi-passionates:

  1. Forget about the "should/can/must do" and concentrate on the "will do"*

  2. Prioritize and say no. More is not necessarily better.

  3. Get big cheap notebooks for each of your projects/ideas and start each book by asking a bit fat WHY on the first page. Why do you want to do this particular idea? And WHO do you want to do it for?
    (You can also use Google Docs, Excel spreadsheet or similar, whatever works for you. Personally, it helps me to get my ideas from my brain down through my arm, hand and onto paper)

  4. Put a deadline on your most important jobs.

  5. Calm down! Look at what's in front of you and don't get caught up in your mental drama.

And here's a bonus tip:

Clearing out clutter and tidying up around your house is a great way to create space and peace in your mind. You might not think mess and clutter are related at all to the "mess" in your head, but once you get into the mindset of getting rid, it helps to clear the fog, so you can start seeing again.

It's reverse thinking and it's a process, but totally liberating.

There you have it. I hope these tips will help you get more peace in your head.

P.S. This obviously doesn't include doing your taxes and books. Some things may not be a laugh a minute, but you still have to do them to avoid the bailiffs at your door