How to plan and get organized, when you are creative and full of ideas

how to plan and organize as a creative

A big part of my personality is my creative mind. It's a fun, busy and ever-changing place to be.

I'm guessing that's the same for all creatives.

My husband thinks I'm slightly doolally. Actually, he thinks I'm completely bonkers. And it's one of the biggest compliments he can give me.

He's almost afraid to go on holiday with me, because he knows I'll be checking out house prices when we get home. I'll be making plans to move.

It's a good thing our kids are the ages they are now (10 and 14) otherwise, who knows where we'd be living now?

Thing is, being full of good ideas, and bringing them to life is fantastic. It makes an interesting life.

But keeping track on all those ideas, and sorting through the ocean of possibilities each idea holds, is another matter entirely.

A friend of mine asked:

Why is it so hard for multi-passionates to plan?

Cause we're rebels!

Restrictions, confinement, someone else being in charge of us? No, we don't do those things well.

We have that wonderfully wacky way to view the world, we love so much, and people love us for.

But it's also what makes us unpopular in strict settings, like a classroom.

How can you possibly plan something, when the most amazing idea might be around the corner?

You gotta be ready to catch it ;-)

Restrictions feels restrictive.

But ok, when we have to come down to earth, and get in line with everyone else, we must plan and organize.

I'm exaggerating here of course.

Not all highly creative people don't like planning and organizing. Often creativity flourishes within set boundaries and timeframes.


How to plan and get organized, when you are creative and full of ideas

There is no right or wrong answer here. Sorry, if you were looking for one!

But it might help knowing this: everything happens in seasons.

I have times when I cannot plan anything. Maybe I'm in an incubation period, or maybe I'm just all over the place.

Other times, I get really organized. I write everything down in my calendar on a Sunday.

Now, is one of those times. Every Sunday, I write things I have to do every day of that following week.

It can look like this:

how to plan and get organized when you are creative

how to plan and get organized when you are creative

(flush means using dental floss - I've just been spelling it wrong ;-))

At the moment, I'm using the "Get To Work Book" and that's been good. When it's finished in a couple of months, I might try a different calendar.

Can I just say, the most important thing about this whole planning and organizing-thing, is not to beat yourself up about it.

Whatever works for you, is what you must do,

And if what you're doing doesn't work for you, then be cool with that, and try something else.

There's a bunch of different planners and calendars you can buy to help you.

You can try and Pinterest for inspiration.

I bet you get organized when you have to, so you know you can.

It's an excellent idea, to write your ideas. Whether or not you ever look at them again.

Many studies have shown, that writing things down improves our emotional health. It can have the same effect as talking to a therapist. Just a helluva lot cheaper.

So, jot things down on paper/calendar/notebook/post-its/toilet-paper.

Getting stuff out of your head, is good. You need to make room for more of those good ideas ;-)