How to use Kaizen in conflicts?

how to use kaizen in conflicts

Conflicts are difficult. And uncomfortable. And often unnecessary. But so much learning can also come from a conflict.

I get myself into trouble sometimes.

Especially when someone is treated unfairly.
Nothing makes me angrier. And I don't stay quiet. I practice staying in my own lane and not take everyone else's problems. But it's hard for me not to care.

Do you know those kinds of people, who always know what to say, when to say it and how to say it?
Well, that's not me!

In the past, my emotions have taken over and I've barged into a conflict like a fighting trooper.
And that has cost me jobs. Usually, male bosses don't like being questioned in their authority.

I'm much better now than I used to be.
But I've worked at it.

Now I try to breathe and stop and think before I speak.
I'm an emotional girl and I feel injustice physically in my body. It makes me so mad.

Since discovering kaizen from doing my creativity coaching training I'm much better at
handling conflicts.


By using questions

Kaizen questions like:

"How can I help best and show kindness and respect?"

"How do I want to feel in this conflict?"

"What would I like to see happen?"

"What outcome would serve us all/me/her/him best?"

Questions like these are super helpful to me and I find that when I act with respect and
lightness, understanding, and compassion, then we all come out better at the other end.

The Kaizen method of asking small questions and taking small steps is really helpful.

I am finding learning this gentle approach has a big impact on my life, not just in my creative project.

The kaizen approach to life seems to be worth looking into