How I am creating my first online course

I am creating my first online course

UPDATE 2019: This course had a complete makeover and is now “How To To More Creative.”

I am creating my first online course, or rather, I have created it, but it's not up for sale yet.

There is so much work involved in creating an online course. The good people at Teachable and other online teaching platforms like to tell us that anyone can (and should) create an online course, but hello, it's me you're talking to, and it's not easy.

Not even close.

Ok, so I might be particularly technically challenged and stuff that takes a "normal" person 2 hours takes me weeks to work out.

But I want to help you be more creative in your life, and so I give it a go.

Why I am creating my first online course

I wish to share the joy of creating with as many people as possible.

Creating, using our creativity, is for me the key to purpose, joy, skills, personal growth, social connection and longterm happiness.

No less.

The course is called "How to be more creative" and it tackles all the different kinds of fear we have when we create.

I wrote a blog post with the same name that has a couple of tips on how you can be more creative without being overwhelmed.

What's left to do is:

A Sales Page

Work out how to connect PayPal to my blog

Update my privacy, terms and conditions page

Create a sales funnel (not even sure what this is)

Make an email series

Shout it from the rooftops (again, no clue here)

And probably a lot more I'm not even aware of.

This is a creative process

It's up and down. At times I've been really focused and working hard, and then I've stopped because I couldn't work out how to edit the videos.

But I'm getting there. I am creating my first online course and I will finish it.

Flippin heck, if you are also doing something you find difficult, hang in there, sister. We can do this.

I want you to be the best you, and I believe doing creative work is how you shine.