Why I Teach Creativity, and I'm not an artist

I teach creativity and I'm not an artist

I teach creativity to anyone who'll listen.

Creativity is an endlessly interesting topic because creativity covers the endless capability of the mind.

The imagination includes imaginal (real experiences), imaginative (things we haven't experienced like a flying elephant), and imaginary is when we mistake imaginative experiences for real ones. (taken from Sir Ken Robinson's brilliant book "Out of our minds")

Our imagination is almost a topic in itself.

Creativity is about personal growth because creating is a meeting with yourself. Getting to your creative work doesn't take discipline and high expectations, but self-kindness and self-forgiveness, and a curiosity about what happens to you in the process you embark on while you create.

Not to forget the result of your creation itself. And the feeling you get from having made something unique, that came from you and that no one else in the world could have done the same way.

Whether that is good or bad is not the issue.

Why I teach creativity and I'm not an artist.

Creativity is not about art. It's not about just art. And creativity is for everyone.

I am not an artist. Not in the sense that my job is to create art, and that making art is how I earn my living. But since you don't have to make a living from art to call yourself an artist, the reason I'm not an artist is that my interest is in creativity.

The act of creating itself.

From the source in the imagination to the work, struggle, detours, and mistakes made in the creating process.

I am least interested in the finished product.

I LOVE learning how creators do what they do. The process of discovery is so joyful and fascinating to me. How creators, artists, builders of things cope with resistance, difficulty when things go wrong and negative feedback.

Who needs to be taught creativity?

People who think they are not creative. And people who want to be creative, and do a little work, but are struggling with how to create, creating regularly and getting stuck at the various stages in the process.

Sir Ken Robinson writes in his book "Out of Our Minds":

They (people) need to understand that creativity moves through different phases, and to have some sense of where they are in the process. Not understanding this can make people think that they are not creative at all.
— Sir Ken Robinson

Creativity is the promise of the life you choose.

Carl Jung said: "I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

That's creativity.

So I teach, talk and coach creativity to anyone who will listen.

Are you there? :-)