Innovation and Creativity, the love story vol. 2

innovation and creativity vol 2.png

So the love story between innovation and creativity volume 1, got a little love around the interwebs, which I am grateful for because this topic is hot stuff. But wait.... there's more.......

 Enter Volume 2:

Let's talk about the "creative type" for a moment, shall we?

Innovation and creativity is not for a certain type. It's not for people with a certain intelligence or for people with a certain education. Or business leaders.

Innovation and creativity is for everyone and anyone.

That's the beauty of it.

It's for kids, pensioners,  educated, non-educated, rich, poor, Scandinavian, asian, tall, short, nice people, not nice people, grown-ups-who-know-they-are-creative, grown-ups-who-don't-believe-they-are-creative ........

It's for everyone. Absolutely anyone.

The myth that creativity is only for some, is a serious crime to humanity.

Beautiful souls are broken daily because they believe a myth about creativity and therefore don't pursue what they really want, for fear of being compared, tested or ridiculed.

I am speaking from personal experience.

Like so many others, I was brought up with the belief that being creative is being a painter or a musician and only very few special talented people can make a living from that, ie. not me.

Therefore, I should get a 'real' job.

I've done the so-called real job-thing for years, which incidentally was hugely creative and innovative but just not in the "starving artist" kind of way.

I am now determined to create a living on my own terms which will be directly linked to my creative self.

Another opinion about innovation and creativity is, that is has to be useful.

Useful to who?

In his book "The Myths of Creativity" David Burkus uses an example of how the Mona Lisa is a creative piece of art but a photocopy of the painting less so. But photocopies have been incredible useful in themselves to companies, to spreading ideas etc and the Xerox machine was certainly innovative in 1959 but is a copy machine considered creative?

The Mona Lisa is a stunning piece of art, a creative action, but is she really useful?

If I do some doodling, am I not being creative because it's not useful?

And how many people have to think what I create/innovate is useful for it to be considered creative?

Is the idea that creativity has to be useful not just a way to try to measure it? Compare it? Fence it in?

The questions are many and that's because there is no right or wrong answer. Creativity lives in all of us and it cannot be measured.

Creativity just has to be useful to you. That's enough.

Creativity is just creating.

Listen, we can talk about it 'till the cows come home and call it what we want., but being creative and creating is all it's about.


In my opinion, the best thing about creativity is that it can't be fenced in!

Books are written (that's being creative), studies conducted (that's being creative), speeches are made ( that's....), professors find answers, blog posts are written (being creative),

but she cannot be caught and she cannot be tamed. And she belongs to everyone.

Innovation IS creativity and creativity is, what it is to you. And yes, that's a tweetable :-)

So my hope is, that you will embrace your own creativity and not worry about being useful, compared or any of that. You can do what you want.

P.S. Something funny: when I did spellcheck on this post the word innovative had a line under it. The correct spelling for innovative apparently is - yep, creative!!!!  I kid you not! Too funny.