Interview with Aja Edmond from Everesse

INterview with Aja Edmond of

I have got the biggest treat for you.

If you ever wanted to get the inside scoop of how a successful coach runs her business, this interview with Aja Edmond of is for you.

I have been fan-stalking Aja for a while now and I’m so grateful she took the time to chat with me about her business and the different processes she uses to run her successful coaching business and social enterprise.

I LOVE everything about her work and her sites. I literally get lost on her site and end up spending hours on it. Her articles go deep and are so interesting I can’t get enough. I end up going from article to article. Her site is warm and simple (YAY) and I feel looked after when I visit. And that’s without even being coached by her. No wonder her coaching business is successful.

The interview

Her video was playing up a bit, so it’s just my face on the video (nodding a lot). Aja is now living in Portugal because she has build a business that allows her to live a location free lifestyle. However, it’s mostly Aja’s voice you hear. Don’t let my face put you off, Aja has so many gold nuggets to share.

You can watch the video or read the summary below. Or both. :-)

Aja Edmonds interviewed by Katja Hunter

Aja Edmond

Aja is a coach, entrepreneur and author and she is the founder of, and other sites

She mainly works with creative entrepreneurs who want to start businesses, and make money from their creative work. She also does core life coaching as well.

Everesse is a social enterprise. They partner with select sponsors to help their mission and what’s very cool is that they have a program where students and unemployed can apply to get up 50-80% discount.


Interview with Aja from

How did your journey as a business owner begin?

“I wanted a sense of freedom and to travel. I wanted a business that supported my lifestyle and I didn’t want to be tied to an office. I also wanted to weave together my business skills (Aja has an MBA from Stanford University) with self-development and personal growth.

What is you idea behind the look of your site? (around 5 min.)

“It’s probably 80% organic and 20% strategic. I wanted to be proud of what I put out there and I wanted to create a destination where you want to spend time on the website. Being introverted it suited me to build a site that was more gentle and subtle in it’s approach, and also I was at first uncomfortable putting myself out there. But once I realized it worked, then I became strategic about it. There has been trial and error and I think it’s about being ok with not having a clear vision but just take the first step in the right direction. Then you’ll ultemately get to where you want to go. And to connect with people you have to show them who you are.”

It’s very important for me to build a platform that leads first with service.
— Aja Edmond

“The majority of my clients have been getting value from me for a while before they become clients. They have loved my articles. I don’t do hard or pushy selling. Not that I’m afraid of sharing my products or selling but it’s a conscious decision to be subtle. It takes longer this way and you have to be willing to trade off quick revenue for deeper and long standing relationships. This is my life’s work. That’s my perspective.

It’s fulfilling because I can be authentic. I would say, run it like a business if you do creative work. Definitely put yourself out there and be strategic about putting your work out there.”
aja edmonds from everesse

Can you tell us about the move from to (14.45 min)

“Yes, there are a few reasons. I am an introvert through and through and I wanted to take more of a backseat. I felt there was certain topics I couldn’t talk about under my own name, and I sort of got tired of that because I knew it was going to be valuable.

My business has also grown to the point where I need support. It has to be a business that can run without me. It can grow faster this way.

I also wanted to have a platform where our social mission is that up to 95% of what we do is free. It really bothered me when people genuine couldn’t afford my services, so I’ve created a program where people can apply to get 50-80% off.”

How is your process for writing those amazing articles you write?

“The initial idea and inspiration for any article and course that I do always comes from something I have experienced or some feedback from a reader. If I have experienced it there’s a chance someone else has experienced it too.

Then I do research for an article because I like to go deep and give the most value. I am strategic with keywords when I write. The writing of the article itself I can now do in about 4-6 hours.

Depending on the response I get from the article, and I look at analytics for this, I might make it into a course or a resource for my resource library.

A question I ask myself is “What else do i need to create to support this article?” and I also survey people to find out more.”

How is your coaching process?

“When I first decided to be a coach I developed a process for each type of coaching that I do. So I have a process for business growth, a process for personal growth and a process for creative growth. How I developed these processes are from my business training which also was heavily focused on personal growth. I’m also an avid reader of psychology and philosophy.

When I’m in the heart of coaching an individual, my intuition and creativity takes over. And then it’s about truly listening to the client.

My advice to other coaches is to develop a process. That is why your clients come to you and then you have use your intuition and be a really good listener.”

Can you tell us about the websites you have for sale?

“Yes, I saw this being a need from a lot of my clients. They want to start a business but want to make sure it works and want to jumpstart the start-up process. The person who bought the plant site was a successful Iphone app developer, but him and his wife had talked for a long time about wanting to run a plant business.”

How do you stay focused on moving your business forward while also allowing for new creative tangents?

“I’m a big advocate of routine but I break them often. If I have an idea that keep popping up, I’ll give myself a day or maybe a weekend to flush this thing completely out of my system. And then I’ll see what I’ll do with it. I keep my ideas and recycle old ideas and content.”

Do you have a system or planner you use to get your work done? (44 min)

“Yes, each of my offerings, articles, books, courses and coaching have a simple step-by-step outline that I’ve created for each one to make sure I make something in a very systemic way and I don’t forget pieces.

With an article, for example, there is a step-by-step process that I’ve developed where it has to contain a keyword people are actually searching for, it has to have a certain lenght because I want to make sure the article is of value. I tend to write very exhaustive posts on a particular topic that gives you a really good understanding of that title or topic. I do research and go to specialists for research backed studies.

So I separate writing days from coaching days. I also use a block system for creating Pinterest pin, writing emails and so on.”

Thank you so much Aja for taking us behind the scenes of running a successful coaching business as an introvert that allows you to live a location free lifestyle.

Definitely go and check Aja’s work out here: