Jane Austin said it best.......

Jane Austin said it best

Jane Austin said it best. Her book Pride and Prejudice has answers to many of life's tricky situations.

With all the madness that goes on in the world, reading the fabulous Pride and Prejudice seems weirdly up to date.

When you get in a pickle, when you are in a difficult situation, take comfort in Jane Austin's words:

This is an unfortunate affair, and will probably be most talked of. But we must stem the tide of malice, and pour into the wounded bosoms of each other the balm of sisterly consolation.
— Jane Austin

How genius is this writing and this wording? She had a way with words, did ol' Jane.

Words can do this. Words can have affect us with a depth can goes straight to the heart.

My husband writes the best love letters and anniversary cards. His funny and sweet poems touches me deeper than any picture ever could. It's not always true that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Over to you Jane.