3 ways the Kaizen philosophy will nurture your soul

kaizen philosophy will nurture your soul

The kaizen philosophy of creating good change with small continuous steps will nurture your soul, lower your shoulders and create a life for you with less pressure. I promise you. Once you get this philosophy of kaizen under your skin, you’ll begin to apply a more gentle way to live.  

Taking small steps might be hard to get your head around in the beginning. You’re taking small steps every day and that doesn’t seem to have had a big influence on your life. But there's a difference between going about your day-to-day life in the way you know best, and making a conscious decision to use small steps strategically to achieve a goal or create a change in your life.

The difference is that you make a decision to live with intention in a gentle and kind way.

You can reach any goal and dream you want, and I’m a big believer in dreams and goals, it’s just that the way you achieve what you want is by using the kaizen philosophy of small steps, asking small questions to activate your creativity and celebrating small wins along your way to success.

Learn how to use kaizen philosophy to nurture your soul and live a more gentle lifestyle.

When you know a small steps is small enough

You know your step is small enough when you think the step is a bit silly. If you want to write a book, a small step can be to think about a character for 5 minutes.

If you want to tidy your desk, a small step can be to move a pencil. You want to write a blog post? First step is to open your computer. Keep doing small things, taking small steps, solve small problems before they get big. Tidy up a little but often, instead of waiting until the mess is overwhelming.

Confront the difficult when it is still easy; Accomplish the great task by a series of small acts
— Tao Te Ching

How kaizen philosophy can nurture your soul

The kaizen philosophy is about non-pressure and bypassing fear in the brain, so you can use this method to get still and listen to your body and inner voice.

Step 1

Ask yourself a small question that relates to nurturing your soul

  • What is one small thing that makes me feel good?

  • What is one thing I wish to contribute to the world?

  • What is one small thing that nurtures my soul?

Step 2

Make sure you ask in a gentle and patient spirit.

Step 3

Ask your question at least once a day and wait patiently for your subconscious to come up with an answer.
The power of asking ourselves small questions lies in being patient and asking repeatedly.

As Robert Maurer writes in his book "The Spirit of Kaizen"

Any small question especially asked repeatedly starts your brain’s own Google search.
— Robert Maurer

Other ways the kaizen philosophy and method of asking small questions can nurture your soul:

As I wrote in this post, kaizen has changed my life. And keeps making my life better. Every time I am doing something new and I feel resistance - which is pretty much every time - I think of a small step I can do to begin. It gets me started again and again.

Once you get this philosophy under your skin and use small steps to improve your life or simly approach things you’ve always done with this new way of thinking, you’ll see it spread positive rings in the water. You’ll lighten up a little because you’ll put less pressure on yourself. This will also have an affect on your family and friends.

Maybe you have a work situation where you would normally freak out but now you take a step back and aks “what is one small step I can take to solve this?”

Perhaps you’ve been putting off decluttering your house because it’s a huge, overwhelming job. But now you can just think of a small step to start decluttering one corner of a room, or one drawer. Just remove one thing.

I’ll leave you with this question:

What is one small thing you can do today to make you feel good about yourself?