Let's talk about inbox overwhelm


Inbox overwhelm. With all the freebies available in exchange for an email address, inbox overwhelm is pretty normal.

Who loves "flicking" on the computer?

Looking at Facebook, getting lost on Pinterest, Google something and suddenly finding yourself reading something on a website that had nothing to do with what you were googling?

Hands raised here, love it, love it, love it.

I'm one of those who are quick to sign up to a FREE shiny object that promises to solve a problem I may or may not have. But COULD have.

I love learning, you see, so I sign up with the best of intentions, though admittedly with the intention of "learning" it later.

(a love of learning different things seem to be something us multi-passionates have in common)

But then my inbox gets full of things I have signed up to do but am not doing.


Oh no, and all these nice people have worked really hard to create something that is meant to help me and then I don't even try.


Cause I'm a nice person and I don't want to upset someone by unsubscribing to her email list.

I know how much a subscriber means to an online biz person.

On the other hand, she can see I'm not clicking through and doing the work.

So what to do with an overwhelming inbox?

That's easy, right? I unsubscribe.

But wait!

What if I miss out on something really good? The one solution I've been looking for all this time?

And I don't want to upset the nice person. What is she/he takes it personally and writes about un-subscribers on social media?

Let me address this email hysteria I see going around:

"List building is the hub in online business. It's all about the list."

I don't sign up to any mail list with bad intentions.

You are offering something for free.

If I think what you offer can help me, I will give you my email in exchange.

Then, if it turns out it wasn't what I needed, or I find myself not connecting with the emails you send after that, I will unsubscribe.

No hard feelings. Heck, I may find you again sometime, when I'm in a different stage in my journey and sign up again.

I've done that before.

So to you, my dear list friend and perhaps future dear list friend:

I love the idea of being able to help you with something.

At the moment I share 3 great easy tools that can help you if you're feeling overwhelmed by - well, anything.

Please feel free to sign up to download the pdf and unsubscribe immediately afterward.

And please don't feel bad if you do that.

I don't want to add to your inbox overwhelm.

Let's just all understand that this is the nature of this online business world.

No hard feelings. Let's just be nice to each other.

It'll all be alright in the end :-)