Why Creativity Is Not About Making Art

creativity is not about making art

It's not about making art. It's not about creating art, so we can join the small group of celebrated people, the artists.

What creating is about, is the personal journey you are on while you create. It's about the person you become while you tackle creative chaos when you lose all faith in yourself and your work, but continue anyway.

Creating is about the emotional journey you are on, and the self-respect you gain when you choose you. When you are brave enough to meet yourself.

When you are unsure about everything and impatient. When you don't get the results you expected, and when no one reads your stuff.

But you choose to create anyway.

That's what creating is about.

Why creativity not about making art

So when we doodle, paint a little or write a post that goes viral, let's not call it art.

Let's just call it creating. Or practicing.

I think it is important to separate the word "art" from the conversation, every time we talk about creating.

Too many people don't create because of that word. They don't create because they know they can't produce art. So they don't bother trying.

And worse, creating art means you are an artist. Gawd! How many people do you know who can look themselves in the eye and say they are artists?

I know a couple of people I would consider artists, but I'm not sure they would. I don't even know when the moment comes that you can call yourself an artist. And it doesn't interest me either. Call yourself an artist, whether you create work or not.

It's not important. But creating is important. Working, playing and expressing, and failing, and learning, and growing. That's the gold.

I love just about all art and design. I kind of believe that art, design, and love is what makes the world go around. And I get really excited when I get a chance to learn how artists do what they do. When I get a glimpse into their creative process. It's about as good as it gets for me. I totally nerd out on it.

But if you are someone who wants a change in your life, someone who wants to be a little more creative, maybe learn something that, if done well, would be considered art, then it's important to take "art" out of the equation.

Because expectations + beginner = stops creating

Very often, we stop. We give up, and worse, we criticize, so we don't begin again.

Imagine you used to love cutting pictures out of magazines and sticking them together on a board. When you were a teenager, you enjoyed making collages of pictures that inspired you. Time flew when you did them, and it was your favorite thing to do. When your life was hard, you escaped to your little creative outlet of making collages.

But you stopped doing them because it was just silly. You had to be serious, and do serious work. But when you close your eyes, you can still remember the feeling you had when you did those pretty collages.

It's not about making art. It's about the feeling you have when you do work that speaks to the person you are, and to the person you want to be.

So don't worry about making art. Create for joy, create for the work itself. Just because......... (no other reason :-)