How to deal with being seen as flaky when you’re multi-passionate

seen as flaky when you're multi-passionate

I read a really good and heartfelt post by a Danish professional blogger and online businesswoman about integrity the other day.

If you happen to be Danish, you can read it here

The point Dorte was making was:

Walk the talk - also when no one is watching"

I related so much to her post that I have thought about it for days now.

It's a great point and I also believe it is easier said than done. To walk the talk.

We are very good at giving off the impression that we have everything under control. Not showing vulnerability.

But people usually feel it.

Because your energy is not in alignment.

It's just better to say:

"My business is not where I'd like it to be yet, but I'm working on it."


only share stuff on social media you truly believe in and know to be true.

It sounds really hard when I say this, and I don't mean to upset you.

But like Dorte I believe, that you can get stressed and depressed if you don't live with integrity.

I also believe that keeping a lid on your true self, is like a pressure boiler, you will explode at some point, in one way or another.

If you say the truth - also when people aren't looking - then you release an energy that is sincere, authentic and attractive.

Also when it's the hard stuff.

You always have the choice to not share or say anything.

And when it comes to multi-passionate and integrity:

I have spent many years not feeling good enough because I didn't have an education like you're "meant to".

My integrity has been put to the test over and over.

.....the going from place to place, job to job, interest to interest.........

The internal struggle I was battling about being different from everyone else I knew, as well as the external defending and fighting for my place in the world and the right to be me.

My multi-passionate, creative, gifted me.

And this is a strength I see in multi-passionates

Because we have tried to conform and fit in only to end up feeling bad, we have a strong sense of what is right and wrong for us.

What can we do to live with integrity and in alignment with ourselves?

You only say what is true and you pay attention to how you feel

...........when you write something.

...........or when you are in a discussion.

..............when you look for a job.........

..............and when you post on social media..............

One small step at a time.

One kaizen step at a time (kaizen means: continuous improvement by small steps)

And hey, sometimes you might have to do something that doesn't feel right, and that's ok.

But then perhaps next time, you take a moment and notice how you feel.

You ask, is this really how it is?

And you adjust

Most importantly:

Be gentle with yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

And it's only the real person anyone is really interested in anyway


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