Dear multi-passionate, do you ever do nothing?

Dear creative multi-passionate woman and mom.

Are you familiar with the term rest?

Not exhaustion. I know you know what that is.

But rest, doing nothing, being still?

Dear multi-passionate, do you ever do nothing?

Let me distinguish between doing nothing and being alone.

Being alone, solitude is vital for creativity. So is resting, but you have to be alone to do nothing.

For me personally, I crave and need solitude. It's a must to create balance in my life. But I am not good at doing nothing.

I pretty much only really rest, when I sleep. And I love my sleep. If I can, every day, I'll have a kip when I come home. Half an hour to an hour. As a kid I was the same. I'd often sleep when I came home from school.

I've thought about this, and I think the only time I can shut my brain off, is when I sleep.

There's a really excellent article in Medium by Thomas Oppong: " The Remarkable Science of Silence: How Solitude Enriches Creative Work"

It's a 4-minute read well worth it.

But how about you?

Do you know how to rest? Really do nothing?

Here's why doing nothing is good for you

There's research that shows our brains benefits from the incubation period during rest time.

It actually makes us more creative. More clever.

Neuroscientist Nancy Andreasen talks about this here:

The video is an hour-long. It's interesting stuff.

Basically, it's important we let our subconscious get to work. And that happens when we turn down the volume from all the noise around us.

I wrote about this too here, in a slightly different way.

I think it's a mistake to think we have to be busy all the time.

This more, more, more mentality is stressing us out.

Longer days at work doesn't make us more efficient. Longer days at school doesn't make children learn more - or better.

So how do you jump off the Hampster wheel?

Do you schedule a time to do nothing?

Do you feel guilty, if you're not busy every waking hour?

Hey, let's make a pact! I'm going to press publish on this post, and then I'm going to sit down and do nothing. Does watching telly count as doing nothing? :-D