Why being Multi-passionate is a strength in today's world

being multi-passionate is a strength

Elasticity at work is a phrase that is rapidly gaining attention.

It means to be flexible and to be able to work in different areas, to move across several boundaries. To have more than 1 function.

To be adaptable.

This doesn't apply to all jobs of course and it also doesn't mean we'll be running around like headless chickens doing a bit of everything.

But there's no question that we will be having more functions than just one in the workplace.

An adaptable mindset is required.

I have a theory about how this relates to multi-passionates.

My theory is that a multi-passionate is a strength, and is worth her weight in gold for any company.

And even more so when she has a bit experience.

Why being multi-passionate is a strength:

Armed with a multi-passionate personality your natural habitat is to try new things, to learn, to do it differently, to find a solution, to take a different route.

You are adaptable from the word go.

What is needed....:

..is to drop this notion that if a CV is long, that we're somehow dealing with a non-serious person.

In fact, it's probably the exact person you need for the job.

Hire a Multi-passionate!  :-)