The day I became a Multipassionate Muse

I became a multi-passionate muse

I got a really sweet email in my inbox some months ago from Cristina Roman in North Carolina, US.

Now, I live in a relatively small town (in US terms anyway) in Denmark, so you can imagine my excitement when I get interest from an American blog. (Thank you Google).

"Did I want to be interviewed about being multipassionate? A multipassionate muse?"

Ehm, YES please!

Cristina has made a home forall of us "One-woman-shops" on the site of the same name

A place where we can connect with other like-minded women and give and receive help if we need it.

Solopreneurs like Cristina and me.

I am grateful to have been asked along with other amazing women solopreneurs like

JaclynMullen,  Jennifer Blanchard, and Sarah Von Bargen

I thought I'd share the interview with you:

Multipassionate muse

Multipassionate muse

Describe your various passions and projects.

My overall passion is to help and celebrate women who wants to get off the main road, so to speak. Women who are making a difference by being true to themselves.

My overall passion is to make multipassionate women/conceptual and divergent thinkers feel good about themselves.

Being multi-passionate myself, I’ve never fit into a specific box and I truly believe the new world (and economy) we live in, need us to see and create new connections and dots to move us forward. Both personally, spiritually and when it comes to how we do business.

The response I get from women who come across my site and see a match in themselves as multi-passionates is overwhelming and I feel a strong connection with them.

So I’m in the process of creating a simple guide, on how you can use your brilliance to work your way to a free and meaningful life – whether you are in business or not. A kind of “mental karate for multi-passionates” if you like. How to create your own “mental oasis.”

Because just like in karate, you have to know and respect a few rules before you enter the Dojo (use Dojo here as your own metaphor for online arena/business/life).

Where did you hear the term multipotentialite/multipassionista? Did it immediately resonate with you?

I first heard the expression “scanner” when I saw a Youtube video with Barbara Sher. I forget now what I was looking for, but I immediately related to what she was describing a scanner to be.

It was fun to find out that I am a specific type of personality.

Looking back, would you say you’ve always been a multipotentialite (were you that kid running multiple businesses from your front yard)?

Yes, I believe it’s part of our personality from early on and I’ve always felt different, for sure. I’m sure lots of people can relate to that. But I wasn’t a child who sold cookies or toys on the street corner.

My dreams were of freedom to be me and what I had to do to get there, and of travelling to America. I’ve been fascinated by America from about the age of 12.

Maybe I’ve been an American in a previous life, who knows? 

What is the biggest challenge of being multipotentialite?

The biggest challenge of being multipotentialite is when you don’t know you are a multipotentialite!

’Cause when you know how you roll, you can ease up on yourself and dive into the wonderful world of you.

I don’t see my life as a challenge, I see it as exciting and full of possibilities. And it’s up to me to mold it how I see fit.

What parts of living a multipotentialite lifestyle are most rewarding?

I’m grateful for the way I view the world. I truly believe I can make anything possible if I don’t let my fear stop me. Your lifestyle is what your priorities are.

It’s rewarding to live a passionate life. I go by what feels right and not what makes the most sense and that’s given me great experiences in my life so far.

When you are curious about something, you want to learn more about it and when you learn, you grow and it’s when you grow, you feel you’re living.

We hear a lot these days about side hustles, solopreneurs, and multipotentialites. Do you think it’s a fad or the way of the future?

Well, it’s already part of the future.

According to, the number of one-man and one-woman businesses in the U.S. alone has grown 28 percent over the past decade.

I think we’ll see a lot more small businesses and individuals making a difference.

And because the internet is open to all, it becomes increasingly more difficult to cut through the noise, so being real and creative is essential.

A lot more people will have day jobs and run businesses in their spare time. And people who are willing to do this are the ones to watch…

Any words of wisdom/warning for other multipotentialites?

My advice is simply to trust yourself. Sometimes a creative cul-de-sac can lead to clarity. Don’t worry. You’ll get to where you want to be if you keep going. Your time is now. Live with gratitude!   Stay passionate.