How Not To Care About Your Day Job - as a Creative

How not to care about your day job

Is there a creative way not to care about your day job? In that case, I'd like to know.

Most of us who do creative work, and/or try to live a creative life have a day job. A job that pays the bills. And for most of us, this job is not our true passion or what we hope will be our long-term career. For some people though, having a portfolio career works well

But what happens when this job takes up all our energy and more time than we like?

This is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

I have a job I enjoy some of the time. But definitely not all the time. And it wears me out.

As everything is life, my enthusiasm for this job goes up and down. I kind of love it though. It's the job I have had the longest in my life. I'm going on 5 years now. My record for staying in the same job before this one, was 2 years. So it's pretty good.

So how not to care about your day job

I will always care, and I work with children, so it's impossible not to care - a lot. They are fantastic and lovable.

But it's all the "office conflicts" and criticism, negative communication that is draining. And this is what takes up mental space. Maybe you have been in a similar situation?

So how do I deal with this?

Sometimes not very well. And other times I can wear a protective shield and let it bounce off me.

The magic is to care, but not so much that you bring it home with you.

I'm not there at the moment. I have been, and I know I will be again.

I use my diary to keep my focus on what's important to me. Every day, I try to do a little something to keep me moving forward.

This is the kaizen philosophy of "continuous improvement with small steps". Creating makes me happy, and is vital to keep me balanced.

So until the day I no longer need a day job, I practice caring enough, but not to let it overtake my life.