How do you nurture a childs creativity?

how to nurture a childs creativity

Let me give you some real-life examples of how you can nurture an childs creativity.

My daughter is a creator/maker.

She makes things. She’s always made things. 

Her brother used to play the piano. and so she made a piano for herself out of paper and tape. 

And then there was the time she wanted a pram for her doll but didn't have one, so she made one using her chair, a basket and tape. This girl has gone through rolls and rolls of tape.

Now, she's into designing clothes, doing her nails many times a week, organizing her room, and baking. (She's 11 at the time of writing this). And she is always watching DIY videos on YouTube.

2 simple ways to nurture a childs creativity

These stories about my daughter are more than child's play. They are clues.

  1. You nurture a child's creativity by allowing her to be curious. By allowing her to explore and try new things.

2. You also nurture a child's creativity by asking her this question:

What if...?

Asking this question trains divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is not the same as creative thinking, but it trains the creative mind.

What if the pears were purple and as big as melons?

What if Elephants had wings and could fly?

Or what if you went this way to school today and not that way?

Nurturing our future creator makers

I believe it's important we help our kids look for what interests them and not go for a specific title.

Encourage them to try different creative activities, work with different materials, use their bodies and not just their heads.

If you can find a school where they work hard on having a good culture, where students and teachers speak to each other with respect, where it's encouraged to make mistakes, choose that school for your children.

Because it is not enough to have "art class". Creativity is about being allowed to fail in a safe environment.

And to nurture a childs creativity means letting go of our ambitions and hopes for our children. 

We have to let them choose a life path that may not look sensible on the job front.  (Deep breath.)