When you feel like packing in your day job to create all day

when you feel like packing in your day job and create all day

Do you also often feel like packing in your day job to be able to create all day? I do. Almost every day. It's a dream of mine to be able to earn a living from what I cal my "creative" work.

From writing, teaching, speaking, selling online courses.

That would be good. Is it a goal?

I read somewhere that unless you have planned steps of action , then your goal remains a dream.

There's probably some truth in that.

The thing is though, I like having the structure and security of a job. Left to my own device, I'm not sure I would create all day. Maybe I would. I certainly get in the zone when I sit down by my computer.Time flies. 4 hours are gone before I know it.

But would it be the same if I had all day, every day?

I don't know, but I would love to try.

Having a portfolio career works for some, but I would love to be more in control over who I spent my days with.

Imagine waking up knowing your most important job that day was to write 1000 words. Heaven!

Hard as hell, and frustrating, but dreamy at the same time.

Creating is a game of number and volume. You have to work a lot to become good at it. Do masses of work. If you just write 100 words once a week, it's going to take you a while to become a good writer.

When you feel like packing in your day job

My advice to you is this:


I'm right with you. I am sometimes coming up with crazy solutions to how I can pack in my job. But then I think of the little kids I look after, I get responsible again. Money is not always enough of a carrot for me. I must have another reason for me to stay working.

So we gotta keep taking small steps every day, or thereabouts, to get us closer to the day when we can pack in our day jobs and create all day.