Why Painting is my Creative Hobby

Why painting is my creative hobby

Painting is my creative hobby. I started painting with cheap acrylic paint because I allowed myself to have no expectations for my ability to paint whatsoever.

I started painting because I knew I was bad, and I just wanted to play.

It's a playful process of mixing colors that I enjoy.

Having a hobby is fantastic because it's like a time out from daily life.

I use our dining table to paint on as you can see on these pics. No studio or fancy space. Just our dinner table in the front room.

painting creative hobby

painting creative hobby

panting process

panting process

A hobby is fantastic because your expectations are low and the possibilities are endless.

This is the time to play and explore sides of yourself you haven't explored before.

I could go into some of the health benefits of playing, but I feel that takes some of the fun and joy out of it.

And joy is what my hobby is all about. It must not become serious, it must be avoided at all cost.

Getting serious about my painting hobby is something I have to watch.

As I wrote in this post, I'm a recovering perfectionist, so painting purposely bad and sharing them on social media and as blog post graphics, is part of my recovery.

I highly recommend this strategy if you also have perfectionist tendencies. Do something you enjoy, badly, and share it.

It's totally freeing.

My twins also sometimes paint with me. It's just a lovely process. My daughter is great at mixing colors, not something I'm good at. It doesn't matter, painting is about enjoying the process of playing with colors. Nothing else.

I wonder what other hobbies you can have?