How perfectionism makes you loose out on Tasty Mistakes


I was reading an article about my old employer Oliver Peyton.

If you don't know Peyton, he's a restaurateur in Britain with a long list of Restaurants and bakeries to his name.

What he said in this interview was that he never entertains at home because he's too much of a perfectionist. Something along those lines.

Peyton has been called a visionary and is no doubt brilliant, but it got me thinking.

Perfectionism makes you loose out on "tasty mistakes".

What's a Tasty Mistake?

A tasty mistake is something you have created, that has not turned out exactly how it was meant, but then ends up being excellent in it's own right.

Because you went down a new path.

You know how you sometimes plan something? You have it all figured out in your head. But then life happens, and you end up taking a different turn. And you end up with a completely different situation, but a really good one.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.

Recently, it was when I was painting.

I've started to paint for fun. Abstract playing with color. That's what it is. And I had this idea about the colors I wanted to use, but I couldn't get the right nuance mixed, so I ended up with a totally different painting.

And I quite like it.

That's an example of a tasty mistake.

Once I heard this Danish serial entrepreneur Martin Thorborg say that if you obsess too much over details, then you have lost sight of the big picture.

I always think of this when I start obsessing over a new color I want on my site or an image etc. I can really go around in circles with my webdesign. It's one of those love-hate relationships.

Perfectionism is a waste of time to aim for. It's boring but also, the time you spend trying to achieve it, you could spend on really great tasty mistakes.

Keep making those tasty mistakes. They're yummi :-)