6 Personal Struggles a Creativity Coach Can Help You With.

powerfulstruggles a creativity coach can help you with

There are many personal struggles a creativity coach can help you with. Because unlike popular belief, creativity coaching is not about art. It's about getting help in the creating process.

What you create could be art. Or it could be starting or running a blog or a business. But it could also be about helping you have more joy in your life.

There are many personal struggles a creativity coach can help you with.

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching is a special kind of creativity coaching.

This particular type of creativity coaching is created by Jill Badonsky, artist, author, and entrepreneur, and Robert Maurer, Ph.D., a faculty member of the UCLA and University of Washington Schools of Medicine and also Director of Science of Excellence.

Here is what it means:

Kaizen = means "good change".

Muse = is a reference to Jill's book "9 Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard" and are 10 creative principles

Creativity Coaching = celebrates the non-linear, right-brained process of creating

In a nutshell, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching celebrates the creative self and being human.

Based on the biological fact about how our brain reacts to change and honoring the rebel personality of creatives, this coaching is for academic refugees. Meaning it's not linear or goal based.

You won't get any answers from me about what works best for you. I help you reach that conclusion yourself.

Because you know deep down what is best for you. And so we do the detective work of finding that out together.

6 personal struggles a creativity coach can help you with

Doing creative work and creating lasting change in your life is a process of personal development.

My experience is that we look to other people, society, friends, family, the internet for solutions to how we can solve our problems, reach our goals (if we have even defined them), and fix the feeling of lack and dissatisfaction.

And preferably quickly.

As in yesterday ;-)

But joy, meaning, and purpose, those lofty words we chase, is a personal inside job.

Doing creative work is the perfect combination of personal development, joy, purpose, meaning and sometimes yes, art.

I love doing creative work so much. It's the best way to work through personal struggles, confusion and it gives me a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Below are listed some of the personal struggles a creativity coach can help you with:

  1. Overwhelm
    Being overwhelmed is the norm these days. And being in a state of overwhelm is especially often the case for us multi-passionate characters, or creatives as we are also called.

  2. Perfectionism
    Perfectionism is a big part of feeling overwhelmed. Because we are raised in a result-focused society, being the best and getting the best result, performing the best also leads to feeling of not being good enough. Which is basically what perfectionism is: fear of other people criticising us for not being good enough.

  3. Resistance
    Resisting doing something we’d love to do. Being a change, a creative project, going for a new job, or whatever it may be. This is so weird, because why do we resist something we want to do?
    Well, this is what a creativity coach can help you figure out.

  4. Habits
    Changing those pesky habits that we can’t seem to break. We know watching too much Netflix is bad for us and getting lost on social media takes up way too much of our time. Habits are hard to break. Change your habits, change your life.

  5. Negative self-talk
    This “lovely” voice in your head that constantly criticises you. Omg, it destroys lives and stops us from living truthful, rich, fun, interesting lives. We all have that voice but it needs to be turned down in volume.

  6. Unrealistic expectations
    The root of overwhelm and perfectionism is often unrealistic expectations. Not to be mistaken for low ambitions. Stress is real. We cannot be Superwoman in all areas of our day-to-day lives. Not possible. Lower your expectations and go for “good enough”.

If you are anything like me, you'll be able to nod your head at most of these struggles. If not all of them.

Who doesn't have that pesky negative, critical voice in our head, telling us we're not good enough?

I don't know anyone.

But sometimes that voice is so loud that it stops us from doing so many positive things in our life.

That's when a kaizen-muse creativity coach, like me, can help.

Through a long(er) process of taking gentle small steps, asking small questions and practicing self-kindness, you'll begin to turn down the volume of that pesky voice and turn up the kinder voice.

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