Why procrastinating can be good


Everyone's creative process is different.

Mine goes something like this:

I've got the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to my creativity.

It's not the case when I'm doing stuff which comes easy to me.
Like making collages or making graphics on PicMonkey.

But when I write, my attention span is short.

I am a top "procrastinator", but I tell myself, at least I know when I'm doing it.

It seems to work ok for me though. I get stuff done.
Sometimes a lot of stuff. It just takes me a while.

I am not one of those people who can write a blog post in 20 minutes and press publish.
It takes me days where I go through it many times. And that's ok.

Being the type of multi-passionate I am, it works for me to have a few projects going
at the same time that I can switch between.

The thing is, I consider the time I spent procrastinating valuable creative time too.
Most of the time. And anyway, if I spend more than 3 minutes scrolling through useless
rubbish on Facebook, I close it down. It just annoys me.

I know I need a lot of thinking time. I write (like now) and then I have to look out the window
to think, and then I write some more, and so on. I like it that way - and I get to see some cool cloud constellations.

A deadline also works for me.

It can be a deadline I set myself.
I'm someone who's never late for work or an
appointment, so I will do my best to finish to a deadline.

I think about my creative world pretty much all the time,
so it's important to take mind-breaks.

As long as I get to my creativity. And I do because I can't stay away

The point of this little story is:

Don't beat yourself up if you find yourself procrastinating.
Pay attention to why you do it and what you do when you procrastinate.

(The Muse Aha-Phrodite will help you paying attention)

Are you doing mindless Facebooking, or are you thinking about your next move?