How To Protect Yourself From Stupidity

protect yourself from stupidity of the world around you

When the cruel and senseless decisions are even worse than usual, like what's going on at the Mexican border right now, protect yourself from the stupidity.

I hide myself in a cocoon of writing and painting, when I can't deal with the world outside.

It's a coping mechanism. It's how I deal with feelings of overwhelm of bad news.

Art therapy is a great coping mechanism. Better than drink, drugs, binge telly watching, overeating, or other numbing mechanisms.

Protect yourself from stupidity

Protect yourself from stupidity at work, from news, from family.

Walk away if you can. If not, make art. Create something.

Protect that fragile desire inside that is the thing that makes you feel good.

Writing, painting, and creating online courses often don't make sense to me. As in I don't know the outcome. I don't know where it will take me, or if indeed, it will take me anywhere

But the process of doing these things, in the moment, they make total sense.

Those are the moments I tressure, long for, look for and love.

And then I'm a bit more ready to face the world. To face the challenges of everyday life.

That's creativity. That's what creating is for.