5 Gentle Ways To Protect Yourself From The World Of Bad News

protect yourself from the world of bad news

To thrive and live your best life, I believe it’s important you learn to protect yourself from the negativity and sometimes stupidity in your life. You can’t possibly take all the unjust and horrible things in that goes on and not let it effect you. You have to protect yourself.

I don’t normally write about negative situations or in a negative tone because I believe that what you think about, you bring about. Thinking positive doesn’t make all the problems in the world go away however, and I believe it’s important to have a way to cope with the stupidity and horrors of the world around you so you don’t let it overtake your life.

I’m someone who feels a lot and also someone who wants to act. I get frustrated by injustice and I want to fix things. But it’s not my job to fix anyone, I can help but not fix everyone. It’s that balance of being aware of what goes on in the world but at the same time being able to block it out so the weight doesn’t stop you from living your best life. Because that’s the best remedy, it’s the highest form of rebellion.

How the world of bad news can make us numb

Most of us use different types of numbing when life gets too much. Anything from taking pills, emotional eating, binge telly watching, to drinking. There are plenty of ways we can numb out our feelings. I defenitely know the feeling of I “deserve” a glass of wine after a particular long, and tiring day.

Mostly, when things get too much for me I tend to hide myself in a cocoon of writing and painting. It's a coping mechanism I have trained myself in. I also take a nap. Medtation works for a lot of people and I’m practicing that too. I tend to get emotionally overstimulated and to get out of that whirlwind of emotions, meditation and simply breathing is a great tool.

Art therapy is another great coping mechanism. Art therapy is a way of expressing our difficult emotions through art. What’s so freeing about art therapy is that it’s not about making good art. It’s not about the art at all, really. It’s about expressing your feelings visionally. Art is the language of feeling which makes art therapy powerful.

Music has amazing healing powers

5 gentle ways to protect yourself from the world of bad news

Give yourself permission to protect yourself from the world of bad news. Whether it’s something horrible on the news, a conflict at work or drama in the family. You don’t have to take everything in, or take everybody’s problems on board. Because you have to thrive in your life. And no one benefits from you being weighed down by something you can’t control anyway.

So here are 5 gentle ways you can protect yourself from the world of bad news.:

  • Walk away if you can. Don’t engage, turn off the news, stay away from outside influence as much as you can. When you feel strong and ready to engage, go ahead, but when you don’t, shut it off.

  • Create art. Write in a journal, paint on paper or whatever you have. What’s wonderful about creating for the sake of expression is that you don’t know where it’ll take you. Let your intuition guide you. It’s super freeing.

  • Meditate. Even 2 minutes of focusing on your breating can have a huge effect. Try a count to 4 inhaling, hold on count to 8, and breathe out on count to 4. This breathing is good for anxiety.

  • Read an inspiring book. A book that lights you up and make you feel good.

  • Shut the world out and listen to music. Calm classical music to put you in a relaxed state, or dance music to have a good boogie. Music has amazing healing powers.

You don’t have t be everything to all people. Focus on what you love doing. You can’t focus when you put yourself in front of bad news all the time. That’s a choice you have. Focus on the positive, the things that make you feel good. I’ve come to beleive that’s the best action I can take to weigh up the madness of the world. It’s to not participate but to insist on looking at the positive and good in life.


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