Being a Scanner child of deep diver parents


Let me tell what it was like being a young scanner child of deep diver parents.

The term scanner is coined by Barbara Sher  and is just a different word for being multi-passionte/polymath/multipotentialite, or a highly creative person.

The scanner child story begins like this:

My dad left school at the age of 15 to become a typographer which he worked as all his life until his pension.

My mum left the small farming community she grew in (out in the sticks!) to become a nurse anesthetist and she ended up working at the same hospital for over 30 years.

They had both been lucky to get an education at all. Whether they loved their jobs or not, wasn't a privilege they could afford to worry about.

Their way of living bought them a house, a car, holidays and nice furniture, insurance and security. This is what defined you as a successful grown up.

" Whether they loved their jobs or not, wasn't a privilege they could afford to worry about"

First my sister came along. No problems. Knew what she wanted. Got an education.

Then I came along, not knowing what I wanted to be. Changing my mind a few times and refusing to study or work at something I didn't feel was right for me.

I closed myself off in my bedroom where I wrote poetry, song lyrics, kept a diary and dreamt of a life lived with feelings and meaning, far away in America.

Omg, the battles I had with my mum.

But how could they understand and deal with this stubborn young child who, at an early age, announced she didn't know what she wanted to be, but wanted to travel and live abroad. 

"With what?"

...was my fathers natural reaction.

"Do you think money grows on trees?"

But I did leave to move abroad (England). When I was only 17 years old.

I didn't know anything about being multi-passionate back then, but I did know that I wasn't like anyone else I knew. So I left.

And they let me!

Which, when I think about it now, was very brave of them.

And I'm eternally grateful. Time will tell if I am as brave when my kids get to that age ;-)

This bring this story up to today

I have 3 children of my own now.

They will grow up and make their own way into this world one day and when it's time for them to decide which direction to go in, I will know not to push them into choosing one thing if they turn out to be multi-passionate as well.

And that's the point, isn't it?

To know that education doesn't just happen in a class room.

Knowing there is a personality type called multi-passionate/polymath

To know that opportunities are open to you - all you need is a little information.

And so important, that we come in all types of personalities.

How this is story relevant to you:

You are helping creating awareness.

Maybe about your own life, or someone you know.

My parents didn't know they could have a highly creative child. There was only one model for a life well lived.

Now we know better.

Today we can help our kids in a better way, with an understanding of the diversity of people.

And just because you don't fit the 'norm', doesn't make you wrong.

You can help create awareness and that's pretty cool.