Do you set boundaries for a creative child?


Do you set boundaries for a creative child?

Let me explain, if you have somehow missed the huge trend among girls, slime making is a big deal. My 11-year-old daughter has been like a slime-making factory. If it's not slime, she is making something else.

My daughter is a very creative child. And of course, creativity is something I engourage in all my 3 children.

However, her creative acts sometimes means using some of her moms stuff. And this is not allowed.

Long story short, I just caught her twice in one hour taking my bodylotion and using it for slime - or to rub into her hand, as she claimed.

Now, do you set boundaries for a creative child?

I am a huge fan of setting boundaries for myself, and for my children.

Setting boundaries is also part of my job as a teaching assistant. Kids thrive within boundaries because it allows them to operate (act and react) according to their cognitive development. Which in plain English means they are allowed to act their age.

A 3-year-old child does not have to worry about when to go to sleep or what to eat for lunch, because we, as adults, make these decisions for them. They usually object, but this shouldn't alter our decisions in any way.

Children will object to pretty much anything we decide on their behalf until we're no longer here.

All children, but perhaps especially small children benefit from letting us adults worry about the big decisions in their lives.

So children thrive within boundaries, but does creativity?

I would say it depends.

It depends on what you do, which creative act you do.

But, in my opinion, creativity often thrives within boundaries.

A good friend of mine is a successful Silversmith by most standards, and she once entered a competition where people had to create something from a silver fork.

The boundary was the same silver fork, other than that, it was up to their creativity.

This was an interesting challenge.

We set boundaries for our creativity all the time.

It could be a specific type of book we want to write, or certain colors we prefer to paint with.

I tend to think creativity and boundaries go together. If everything is available o us, it's too overwhelming.

We thrive within boundaries, often without knowing it.

Yes, I set boundaries for my kids. Also when it comes to their creative fun. Especially when it involves mum's stuff ;-)