Why slow and steady wins the race when creating

slow and steady wins the race when creating

The reason slow and steady wins the race when creating is because taking small, consistent steps is a more realistic way of doing creative work.

My son is at "After School", which is a popular year at Boarding School here in Denmark. The purpose of this year is not so much the academic side of learning, but more the personal and social learning.

Which we believe is more important.

Everyone is new and so making friends is top priority.

The ones that shout the loudest (often the extroverts) make friends within the first week or two but some kids, like my son, don't make friends easily.

My son doesn't like small talk. He likes conversations and relationships with depth. But these kinds of relationships doesn't happen in 2 weeks. Or even 5 weeks. 

Meaningful relationships take time.

So we tell him: 

Slow and steady wins the race

I'm telling you this because we are used to being in a rush. Everything has to happen instantly or we lose interests.

Instant likes, instant success, viral blog posts, leave your job and blog full time in 3 months.

Instant gratification. 

What a stressful life it is, to constantly chase the quick and instant

Slow and steady is needed when creating.

When it comes to relationships, slow and steady gives us time to build trust and get to know each other. We get to show our true selves as it's hard to keep up a "persona" over a long period of time.

And when it comes to creativity, and doing creative work, slow and steady is not only the more realistic way to create but it is also the winning formula.

Setting high-end goals and going "all in" as we so often hear we "should" is the cause of much misery, negative self-talk, self-doubt and it causes many people to think they are:

A: not cut out for doing their task.

B: not creative

This is not good. Maybe you can relate?

Learning to create anything takes a long time. There are things you can do in a short time, but really learning how to do something takes practice. 

Steady, continuous practice. 

Not all fired up with a "going all in" mentality but with patience, practice and realistic expectations.

This is the very reason New Year's resolutions so often fail. The fitness industry sells us this "all fired up" marketing and made a killing every January. 

Let's not buy into the stress

Let's not buy into the the mad, stressful fake promisses of "getting 10.000 subscribers in 3 months on autopilot".

Maybe some people have achieved that, but it's not many. 

I'll be honest, I'm terrible for buying into this crap. I love me some shiny objects, and I have bought so much and spent way too much money on these fake promises.

But I'm really making an effort to stop. 

And trust.

Anyting worthwhile is worth working for. And waiting for.

Luckily creating for me is a love affair. So I don't stop even though I have blogged for a few years now and haven't got "10.000 subscribers", a blog post gone viral, or make a living from my blog. 

Slow and steady is the realisitc formula.

It's the real life formula.

Don't be put off if you are not like all the promises on the internet. Most of us are going the slow and steady route.

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