Soothing summer rain


So yesterday, I had a little moan about the lack of sunshine here in Denmark this summer on the blog.

It was more a longing and a wish for the sun than a moan about the rain as such. But anyway, I don't like moaning about trivial stuff. And let's face it, a wet summer is not high up on the list of what's important. Considering what goes on in the world.

It got me thinking. About complaining. About being grateful.

We practice gratitude in our house. At the dinner table, we do a gratitude round. Most evenings. It's something I read Brené Brown is doing.

I love it.

I think it's important to be grateful for what we have.

And important for our kids to learn. It's a bit uphill with our 12-year-old at the moment. He's at the age now where everything, except Nintendo, gaming and his computer sucks. Especially his family ;-) But we try.

Anyway, so I decided to embrace the soothing rain. With hot cups of sweet tea and comfort clothes. Loving not having to get up in the morning. The day is completely at my disposal. Afternoon naps. Reading good books.

It's heaven.

And it makes everything so green. It's beautiful.

So no more complaining from me, just gratitude.

Have a great summer. Rain or shine :-)