Why Would I Start A Creative Business

start a creative business

Why in the world would I start a creative business? Continuing on the post from a couple of days ago, I want to share a few thoughts about starting a business on the side, while holding down a day time job, which takes up most of my time and energy.

Oh, and let's throw in the fact that I'm a mom of 3 kids. 11-year-old twins and a 15-year-old. Also I should mention that I am married.

My progress in starting a business looks like this:

1 step forward and 3 steps back

So why go on?

Why keep trying?

What is the name of all things Holy makes me not throw in the towel and just resign to NetFlix?

The short answer is, because I have to.

Not because anyone tells me I have to, but because I have answered this question, (and I recommend you do too):

When you get out of bed in the morning, what would you not do without for the rest of your life, even though no one sees it and you don't get any money for it?

My answer is write.

I enjoy writing, on paper and on a keyboard.

It can be a diary, a blog, a story, a book, a gratitude journal, even on a post-it note. I enjoy writing.

But why start a business? I can write everyday without having to make a business out of it. This is true.

But there is that allure of being able to spend my week writing, thinking about writing. Planning what to write, and do more writing.

Also, there is a lot more work attached to blogging, writing course material, writing a book (I would think) than just the actual writing.  And I love it all. I love immersing myself in the world of creating words and sentences from thoughts in my crazy head.

I love the battle between my thoughts, my ego and my fingers. It's not pretty. But it's never boring. And the pure joy when I win the battle; it’ glorious!

What does a creative business look like?

That, I can't answer yet, but I know it won't stay the same.

And that's part of the thrill.

Knowing that with every word I write, with every blog post, I get better at doing what I love.

Teaching requires me writing the material, whether it's online or doing in person workshops.

I write stories and articles.

My blog is my creative hub, I can't imagine not writing here anymore.

And I love speaking to people around the world. Through this blog, I have spoken to so many people from different countries around the world. I love communicating about doing creative work. And learning how other people's creative process looks like. It's one of my favorite things, actually.

So why would you start a creative business?

If you, like me, have crazy thoughts of starting a creative business, and make a living from it, the question you want to ask before you do anything else is:


What is something you love creating so much, that you will do it always whether you make a business of it or not?

Thing is, as a business owner, you won’t be spending all your time creating. You’ll be spending a huge chunk of time on the business side of a business: marketing, customer service, bookkeeping, product creation. At least until you can hire help and outsource some of these jobs.

So, what is the story you want to tell?

What do you love doing so much that you won’t stop doing it?

If being a business owner is something you want to pursue, I wish you all the best in the world. You can absolutely do it. Being clear on these answers will set you off to a great start.