Are you still waiting to start your creative dream?

start your creative dream

Do you remember when you were a child and you loved drawing, or writing stories, or building things out of Lego?

I spent years in my bedroom, making up entire worlds, that I loved disappearing into. I also wrote my first "book" when I was about 10 or 11. It was about the travels of my "Minibølle" teddy bear and I wrote it on my dad's old typewriter.

So many of us have memories of playing as kids. We might not think much of it, but those times hold clues.

Clues to what we enjoyed doing.

Then this growing-up-thing happens.

I dream of a time, when children's school life is a continuation of playtime, and the sole purpose of teachers, are to play detectives for kids, to find out where their strengths, interests and curiosity can take them.

Until that day comes, we have to make a stubborn effort to be difficult.

Difficult in the way we insist on following our curiosity, no matter how inconvenient and unsuitable it may be.

Try different things, use different materials, and different mediums. Use Google and Youtube. Loose yourself on Pinterest. .

All those fun and games you used to do. Stolen moments, when you got lost in joy and imagination. That was you.

For years I felt there was something missing in my life. I was searching for that "something" I was missing.

You what it was?

I wasn't creating. I wasn't using the very thing that makes me me, my creativity. My life was too busy with work.

It would have been great if someone had told me, I had to create something for fun. Not to make a living from it, but just because creating regularly comes with the kit of being an adult. It's non negotiable.

So let me ask you this:

Are you still waiting to start your creative dream?

That small, tiny curiosity you have about quilts, or decorating your front room? Or whatever it might be. Are you waiting till you get more time? Until the holidays, or even until your kids are older?

This waiting game, is such a sneaky ego-thing.

It's that voice saying "Don't do anything now, you'll be much better when you wait".

Let me tell you, it's a con. It's a con, I tell you!

Don't be allured. Don't listen to it.

Insist on being difficult, and set time out to work on something. Any bloomin' thing.

This happened to me the other day....

It's the strangest thing.

Why are we so afraid to try something?

Is it because we are lazy? Is it fear or is it lack of money?

Maybe it's all three.

I want to tell you a little story that happened the other day.

I was walking home with a colleague. She's multi-passionate, although she doesn't really know it. We've talked about it several times, how similar we are. But she's not convinced.

Anyway, she makes different art stuff with her kids, and she shows me this lovely art piece she's done, and says she'll only show it to me, because "I understand".

What she meant was, that I don't judge her or her result, but I cheer her on for creating.

It's crazy pants.

This lovely and very creative woman, has completely unrealistic expectations to herself. So much so, that she keeps stopping herself from creating. She believes, she has to produce outstanding work before she can share anything. Even with her friends.

Showing what we create is not the point of creating, my friend.

Let's not wait to explore that creative world we each have. The one that makes everything possible. Don't wait. Set some time aside. Prioritize yourself. Be difficult and inconvenient.

It's the best feeling in the world.