We stepped off the hamster wheel this holiday

we stepped off the hamster wheel

One of the reasons why it is important to have a proper break is that you get the opportunity to check out. Check out of everyday life and routines, of the same habit of thinking, dealing with the same daily tasks.

When I wake up during the year Monday to Friday, I roll out of bed and into the kitchen where I make a cup of instant coffee and then spend 20 minutes making lunch boxes for my 3 children and myself. Every morning. On repeat. Then it's waking kids up, shower, dressed, breakfast and getting everybody ready for school.

I'm sure most of us moms can relate to this daily ritual.

But during a holiday, we get to break this bobble, and what happens is that we sleep long, and we dream (or maybe it's just that we remember our dreams) and we have nightmares.

We have all had nightmares this holiday. And it's wonderful.

Because it means that we are giving time and space for our subconscious to deal with things inside of us. And I think it's important.

You need to feel yourself

If we are on the hamster wheel all the time, do we then get to really feel who we are?

And how we are? Really are?

Hubby's and mine 3 week holiday is coming to an end. The first 2 weeks we spend driving to Croatia and back. It was beautiful and peaceful, and hard, and really good for us as a family to be in an intense experience together.

"We got one on the senses", we call it.

Our senses had new experiences.

Our eyes laid sight on same beautiful, stunning scenery.

We smelled the ocean, the flowers, the scent of Croatia.

Our ears heard a new language, the birds, the other tourists.

Our skin felt touch by the sun and the water. And the mosquitoes ;-) And all the sun cream.


The Momma owner of a local Croatian restaurant we had lunch at, took this picture of me because I loved her flowers so much. They smelled so divine, the kind of flower smell you can't get enough of.

"I take picture of you, I take picture of you," she said.

Thank you restaurant momma in San Lorenzo, Istrien. For being part of my holiday memory.

So we stepped off the hamster wheel this holiday

We stepped off the hamster wheel this holiday, and we have loved it. We needed it. Our souls needed to come up for air. Needed to be heard. Because life is now, and now is our time. Gratitude is my prayer.

We fought, we laughed, we cried and we loved.

Now hubby and I are somewhat ready to face the world again. The kids are still off for a couple of weeks.

At this moment, I am happy.

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